Best Udemy Clone Script Provider in 2020

If you search any online course on the Google, out of millions search results top ones will be from Udemy. This is Udemy, an eLearning marketplace platform that sells online courses from thousands of tutors on the platform. A repository of 40,000+ online courses, 20,000+ online tutors, 12 million learners, and availability in 190+ countries. The big question is how Udemy makes money?

How Udemy earns? | Business model

Founded in 2010, managed by 200-500 employees, with global website rank 321 Udemy is the ranked one eLearning website on the globe. Udemy’s basic modus operandi is providing online courses to the learners. For this, it partners with various individual, institutional, and corporate experts who create and sell their courses on Udemy’s Marketplace. The partner tutors pay commissions based on various terms and conditions for each sale made via Udemy’s platform. Though there are many other revenue channels for the eLearning platform, the major source is the commission model alone.

The two key partners, Tutors and the Students, get their own separate dashboard, where an integrated LMS manages the learning process by tracking, assessing, and regenerating the reports for the learning and teaching activity. Moreover, a separate system manages the Admin-Tutor partnership with systems like commission Management, Tutor account management, Integrated Admin-tutor payment system, and affiliate marketing system.

Top Udemy clone scripts in the market

So what do you think? Do you find Udemy’s model a right fit for starting a similar eLearning marketplace? If you are looking for best Udemy clone scripts to do it in a quick time, this article will offer a list of best such scripts for your cause. We tried and tested some popular turnkey eLearning website builders to see which one comes closest to the Udemy’s business model.

What would be an Udemy clone?

To test the scripts, we prepared a set of prospects that clone script closest to Udemy must necessarily possess. Thus, we rested on defining an Udemy clone as a website builder used to set up an eLearning platform that offer a medium of connectivity between the learners and tutors. Specifically, as an eLearning marketplace like Udemy, the Udemy clone script must allow-

  • A student to search and buy online courses
  • A tutor to create and sell online courses and,
  • The website owner (admin) to set commissions on the sales made.

Comparing on the above aspects, we found the following four scripts with the closest capabilities to help launching an eLearning marketplace like Udemy. So here is the list in no particular order.



Agriya offers it Udemy clone script with the name “Teachr”. It is quite popular among the aspirants wishing to start an eCommerce website of online courses. The script is loaded with the features and functionalities essential for selling online courses in a marketplace model. From interactive course design to online selling of the same, the script is so close to the Udemy’s business model.

Special about Teachr Script

  • Separate dashboard for Students, Teachers, and admin.
  • Students can download and save offline lessons
  • Coupon management system
  • Sales analytics for tutors and admin
  • Course analytics for tutors and students
  • Integrated payment system
  • Ratings and Review management 

Developed on technologies like

  • Postgre SQL
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular JS
  • Core PHP 

Price:  $1,499



PinLearn offers its Udemy clone script with the name “Smart School”. Not only the script mimics the Udemy’s marketplace business model but also incorporated with features found in Coursera and Khan Academy platforms. They call it as a white-labeled eLearning marketplace website builder. It is a new but quite effective script to build a website like Udemy, Coursera, or even Khan Academy.

Highlights of Smart School Script

  • Dedicated dashboard for Students, tutors, and Admin
  • Commission management system for admin
  • Marketplace course listing management
  • Mobile apps for Android & iOS
  • Integrated Payment gateway
  • Open-source code
  • Self-hosted
  • Course management: create, edit, & sell
  • Ratting and Review management system
  • Coupon management System
  • Integrate Facebook Messenger live chat
  • SSL compatible

Developed on technologies like

  • MySQL
  • Laravel 5.3 (backend)
  • Angular JS 1
  • Redis cache
  • NGINX web server.
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap

Price: $699-$1499 (one-time payment)


abservetechAbservetech’s Udemy clone “EduStar”, is highly user-friendly and integrates authoritative features to add tutors and let them sell online courses. The graphical UI for website setup makes it perfect to create and launch an eLearning marketplace within a few hours. Even a non-technical person can manage the Admin interface without any assistance.

With an integrated certificate management system, you can also certify your learners based on their course completion stats.

The script presents an extremely easy interface for all level of users. In fact, with just a few clicks on the graphical UI, even a non-technical person can create the marketplace website without any assistance.  It owns all sort of features and functionalities to let all three types of users perform their task competently.

Features of EduStar script

  • Integrated digital certificate management
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Course management system
  • Course monetization system
  • Quizzes for assessment
  • Integrated CMS
  • Downloadable Lessons
  • Review management system
  • Can add promo banner videos in courses
  • Open-source code
  • Self-hosted

Developed on technologies like

  • Laravel 5.1
  • PHP 5
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Angular JS
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap

Pricing: Custom Pricing



Minttm Udemy script offers best interface to design and setup your eLearning platform from scratch. With effective customer support and technical help, you can launch your website in a very quick time. This script is capable is loaded with features to author, share, and sell online courses with no hassle. The robust code is equally customizable for modifications and feature enhancements.

Special features of Minttm script

  • Integrated social login API
  • Course demo with promo videos
  • Create custom course categories
  • Advanced website search system
  • Dedicated panels of students, admin and trainer.
  • File exports in different formats
  • Responsive front-end for mobile users
  • Simple website design for easy navigation

Developed on technologies like

  • PHP 5.5
  • Angular JS
  • Laravel
  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • JQuery

Pricing: Custom pricing with one-time payment

Above are the four powerful Udemy clone scripts to start an Udemy-like eLearning website. I choose them for their ability to add different tutors on the site and manage their commissions to be paid. While some are integrated with payment systems to make tutor payment directly, some offer detailed reports to make the payments off the site. Despite this, all the four scripts are the closest to the Udemy’s business model with each offering something unique. With some research and a tally with your requirements, I am certain that one of these would perfectly fit in your cause. These scripts are also customizable and can be easily tweaked. You can ask the corresponding script developers for the same.

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