The Best To-Do List Apps for Task Management

To-Do List Apps gives you the confidence that everything’s organized and accounted for, so you can make progress on the things that are important to you. The below to-do-list apps have helped over 10 million people feel more in control of their lives and is trusted by leaders at some of the world’s most inspired organizations. The users can focus their energy on the right things. They can easily organize and prioritize your tasks and projects so they’ll always know exactly what to work on next. Wherever you are, take your to do list app with you. Access it on mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet and even your watch! Your tasks are automatically synced across all of your devices, giving you ultimate control.

Here is the list of various To-Do list apps that can actually boost your productivity and assist you with your studies and career.


This app allows you to create a definitive schedule to handle your tasks. Wunderlist list even has multiple checklist management functionality. The app also allows you to assign tasks to other people and help you track their progress i.e. Classmates, roommates, discussion mates etc. The app is amazingly simple and versatile and I bet you will like it.

Available: Android, iOS


This app transcends the normal functionality found in most to-do list and features the ability to take notes with it. It can also be synced across multiple devices and help you stay on course whether you are on your phone, iPad, laptop or any other device. It allows you to scan things and store them for later reference such as notes, business cards etc. Am sure the scanning feature is indispensable for you as a student and rather than noting them down it is always easier and faster to scan it while on the go.

Available: Android, iOS


The designers and developers of this app creatively created a product that helps the user to track his/her progress. The app is designed to show a line graph of your progressuntilthe last one. It has a psychological effect on the user that prompts him/her to always maintain a ‘perfect’ flow of events. It also allows the user to share task and projects as well as sync the to-do list across the devices. There is also color-coded task priority levels that show the most important tasks that ought to be tackled first. It is also designed to allow the user to add recurring due dates for tasks and adjust his/her work schedule accordingly.

Available: iOS

Just imagine passing your dry cleaner’s place only to remember after you reach your apartment. This is probably the best task manager for iPhone in the app store now. This app reminds you some to do activities based on your location such that you can use your time more efficiently and avoid wasting time revisiting the same place for different mundane activities. It will remind you all you need to do while you are there because it has a location-based reminder feature. It also has synchrony with other devices and allows the user to assign tasks and or share them.

Available: Android, iOS


This app turns your Gmail inbox into a to-do list. This app helps improve your productivity and performance as it turns emails into tasks and also allows the user to add more tasks as he/she deems fit. If your email is a common reference point for your tasks then it is a great productivity app. For example, if you are a writer with any writing service company and you use your email to schedule and do your work, then Activeinbox is for you.  Your make-up class email is therefore automatically rescheduled as a to-dothe task and a reminder set for it. The app also allows the users to delay sending messages to a later time or remind the user to follow up at a certain date.

Strides Habit tracker

We all want to develop new habits that are In line with our academic, social, personal, health goals. Goals such as drinking more water, exercising more, losing weight, developing your writing skills etc. These are functionalities which are beyond the standard to-do app. It also features the standard to-do list app features such as task reminders and tracking your progress. It is however different in helping you achieve wider scope goals which are not ‘daily’ or develop better habits.

Available: iOS


In colleges, there are collaborative projects and often their progress is slowed by poor communication and unclear task assignment to the team. Asana is a great app that helps team members to work collaboratively to accomplish a task. Asana allows users to create projects and tasks within those projects and follow them up from a browser or smartphone. Users can add more users and create sub-tasks for them. Asana also allows users to share files and communicate with all team members as if you were around a table helping users to accomplish their tasks faster and easily.

Available: Android, iOS

Life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. The above list of to-do-list apps lets you keep track of everything in one place, so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way.

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