Best Study Apps for Students

In this era where a person’s level of education is used to determine whether a person is qualified for a job position or not, children need to pay attention to their exams more than ever. As a parent or student, there are numerous Android, IOS and Apple apps that you can install on phones to help make your studying easier and a lot more fun. Some will even suggest write my essay in Toronto services for you. This article will highlight some of the most popular apps today. Also, we’ll tell you how they work and which level of learners it works for.


You are probably familiar with the TED show. This is a great mobile app that allows students to listen to knowledge from visionaries and world leaders. This way, students expand their knowledge and their general outlook on the world. Within the app, there are more than 200 videos of personalities, educators, music legends, gurus and many more visionary people who can inspire students to be better and do better. It is a great app free to download and use. Perfect for college and high school students.

Intro to Geography

This is an app that will only work for IOS users. It is also not free to download and use. However, it is perfect for kids who need to learn more about the geography of their area and the entire world. It has simple activities, puzzles, flags and locations from all over the world. It is an excellent application for both kids, college students sometimes even adults who want to find out more about their locations.  There are also rewards for each completed task, so children remain motivated to learn and discover.


It is an excellent application for children when you think about virtual classrooms. The app allows students, teachers, parents to interact and participate in the learning process. Therefore a parent will see what their child is learning and will communicate with teachers on what their kid’s educational needs are. They will also stay up to date with the progress of the child and give them the attention they need when it comes to certain subjects.  It enriches classroom experiences without replacing them. Helps create a positive relationship between teachers, parents, and learners.


Today, this is probably an app that is installed on every phone. Instead of watching funny cat videos, YouTube can also be used as an educational app. Numerous pages within YouTube are exclusively dedicated on kids’ lessons. It allows kids to learn new things in exciting ways. They have content that enhances young minds, inspire and entertain. They can watch their favorite characters and sing along. It is a great app because it is free to use and is also perfect for learners on all levels. It is also easy to use and contains numerous family-friendly videos, so parents do not have to worry about what kids are watching.

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