Best Stress Relief Apps for Students

Your child is going off to college, which is good, but you probably have mixed feelings about the whole thing. Thankfully, there are a number of apps that can help you feel better and help your college-bound kid be safer as he or she begins the college life.

Friendly Pickups

One app you should talk to your student about is the Circle 6 app. What makes this app so effective is it relies on your young adult’s closest friends. Your kid can place up to six contacts within this app, and these individuals need to be people that your son or daughter trusts. The app will connect to these individuals and allow them to receive messages from your child.

The exact GPS location can be sent to these individuals anytime to see if any are willing to pick up your child. This can be used whenever your son or daughter feels nervous about walking back home or to his or her destination. The app will contact the person that is closest to your kid. Be sure to tell your child to return the favor, and offer help in return in some way.

Smarter Driving

This may not be something you want to hear as a parent, but young adults are more likely to be in a car accident than other people. A lot of people are going to point to alcohol use, but there are other things that could increase the risk of an accident, like being distracted by a smartphone. Your kid might also be drowsy from not getting enough sleep because of late-night studying.

Insurance apps can actually be quite helpful. Now, this does depend on the insurance your kid has, but some of the biggest names in car insurance offer apps with all sorts of perks to help your kid stay safe on the road, like monitoring speed and reckless driving. The safer your child drives, the more discounts he or she will be able to enjoy, and that’s good for everyone.

Sleep Right

Drowsiness may not seem like a big deal, but your kid is going to be under a lot more pressure than ever before. Juggling a social life, university work, and a regular job all at once can drain time pretty quickly. A number of college students actually suffer from insomnia or simply don’t sleep well from time to time. This is something you do not want for your kid because drowsiness can put you child in danger in more ways than one.

Of course, you know that it could make driving a hazard, but it could also put him or her in danger at work and could even affect your child’s academic career. These are all dangers you can prevent with the help of an app. Have your kid explore some sleep-aiding apps to see which one works best. Some offer guided meditation to help him or her sleep better while others offer nature sounds or white noise, so just have your son or daughter choose.

Checking In

Sometimes, no matter how many friends you have on your contact list, they are not available. This presents another danger for your college-bound kid. If you are worried about this possibility, there are a number of additional apps you can suggest. One is Kitestring, which is really a program, not an app.

As a member, your kid will simply initiate the service, and Kitestring will begin to send messages to your kid every so often, which your kid needs to respond to. If he or she fails to respond, all emergency contacts will be notified that you failed to check in. This could be useful if your kid is meeting someone new for a date or is simply going somewhere he or she normally doesn’t go. The danger of sexual harassment is a real concern that both you and your kid should think about. This is just one app to use to stay safe, but there are others, so explore similar apps.

Identity Issues

The reality is that most people live their lives online. A college student is not only going to do most school work online but is probably going to be communicating with old friends and family members online. Your student might shop online and send presents from time to time. This means your child is going to place a lot of bank-related information on a number of apps. As convenient as this might seem to your kid, it also exposes him or her to cyber attacks and identity theft.

Young adults sometimes overlook this danger because they have never dealt with it before, or sometimes, they just trust that apps have done their work so well that identity theft is almost impossible. You know this is not the case, which is the reason you need to convince your student to download anti-identity theft apps to help reduce the chances of this happening. These types of apps alert your kid of any strange activity detected on any accounts. Once this is detected, all your kid has to do is call the appropriate financial institution and get to the bottom of the problem.

Hopefully, this information can help ensure that your kid is as safe as can be as a college student. There is no way you are going to be able to protect your child from every danger, but it doesn’t hurt to suggest a few safety guards. These safety guards are there to give you and your child a little more peace of mind, and that is priceless.

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