Best Stress Relief Apps for Adults

There are many apps that are marketed for stress relief, and some of them are quite valuable. Some are less spectacular, and some of them really aren’t worth the money or the space they take up on your phone.

Practicing stress management will make your mind and body more resilient and make it easier for you to relax in the future. Apps can encourage you with information, hold you accountable, provide metrics, and often provide some a fun and easily doable way to relax. The following stress relief apps can help with just that – learning vital stress management techniques and working them into our daily lives:


Calm is very similar to Headspace, offering you a variety of options to reduce stress and improve sleep quality. The Calm app has a variety of peaceful nature sounds and a feature just to pace your breath. Talk about an ideal app to reduce stress! Breath pacing is a really fast way to begin active relaxation. I sometimes even put the sounds on in the background, while I’m working. As with the other apps, you can set a reminder and track your time.

The app is free to download but does require a subscription to access the full library of features and guided meditations.


The simple, clever and fun animation of this app demystifies meditation and provides a 10-day free starter course of just 10 minutes a day — the perfect starter app for those new to the practice of meditation. Like most of these relaxing, meditation apps, you can set reminders via Headspace to help you build the habit of daily practice. You can also set a number of mindfulness moments to pause throughout the day. This is particularly helpful in getting your brain back to neutral, so you can let go and sleep more effectively.

For the Apple Watch, the Headspace app provides two exercises to help calm your mind when anxiety and stress have it spinning out of control. The app is free to download but charges a subscription to access their full library of guided meditations.


If you’re dealing with a lot of stress in your life in addition to anxiety, Pacifica is the relaxation app you should consider. Designed by psychologists and based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the app focuses on tracking mood, health, and thoughts. This helps you keep tabs on your mind and also helps the app guide you. In addition to the psychological focus, Pacifica also has a meditation library with a variety of guided meditations to help manage stress and anxiety. If you need more support, there is also a Community of other users that you can connect with.

Pause Relaxation App

If you don’t want to do guided meditations and are looking for an app that offers quicker exercises to help you relax, you should try the app Pause. Based on the principles of Tai Chi, they’ve designed a patented system to help you relax anywhere at anytime. It uses mindful touch to calm your mind and relax you.

The app gives you a visual where you press your finger and slowly move it across the screen. This simple action helps relieve stress, focus your mind, and help you relax. The app is easy to use anywhere, at any time. People use it at the office, on their commutes, or in bed before they sleep at night. It’s a great approach to meditation and mindfulness that you can do with no training.


By now, we all know the benefits of deep breathing when it comes to managing anxiety. But since it can be difficult to remember how to do it properly, an app can definitely help. Breath2Relax is “a portable stress management tool which provides detailed information on the effects of stress on the body and instructions and practice exercises to help users learn the stress management skill called diaphragmatic breathing,” according to iTunes.


Happify is an application that offers mobile users a cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and positive emotional support especially for those suffering from intense stress. It offers users a fun and interactive gaming experience that creates a positive vibe environment for those seeking to calm their mind. It helps individuals to improve their mental and emotional health through positive energy and psychological support systems. It is an easy to use the application as users can download the app for free on either Google play store or App store.


Mindshift is a mobile application program that helps people manage their stress levels and monitor their mental health status. It is primarily designed to help young adults and teenagers to cope with life’s pressure whether at school or at home. It educates users on ways of handling anxiety and stress on a daily basis through a sequential approach of stress management techniques. It is absolutely free and users can download from both Android and Apple’s iOS platform.


Buddhify is an application program which allows mobile users to access custom meditation programs for approximately 12 hours. It is uniquely designed to impact every aspect of an individual’s life to ensure that people can relief their physical and mental state. Android users can download the app for a fee of $1.99 while Apple user is charged $4.99 once installed on their mobile devices.

Insight Timer

It is an application program developed for mobile devices. It allows users to access a wide range of guided meditation and relaxation music so that individuals can get in touch with their psychological and emotional being. Furthermore, it helps people to sleep deeply, manage stress, and improve the quality of their happiness levels through self-love and compassion. It is free to download for Android and iOS platforms.


This is a fitness tracker but that can be helpful for stress management. Because physical activity can affect your mood and because sleep is so important, this activity tracker and sleep monitor can be used for stress management by helping you to see what you’re doing well and motivate you to sleep more and move more, both of which can be mood boosters.

There are so many apps to reduce stress and to help you grasp your inner “calm!” We are all on this crazy journey of life together, trying to find our relaxed and empowered best selves, trying to find joy, meaning, connection, and deep satisfaction.

Get curious; find which habits serve you best. And make those habits easier to keep by using a relaxation app that’s always in your back pocket.

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