Best SAT Prep Apps

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Best SAT Prep Apps

Want to ace the SAT? This guide includes SAT apps for anyone on a budget, including free SAT practice tests and online prep courses.

The SAT is a test with great influence when it comes to college admission. In spite of its reputation, the SAT is not as hard as it seems. Yes, the material is advanced, but the test is not tricky – in other words, the questions are not designed so that you pick the right answer. With a little bit of practice, you can get a good score.

If you have an SAT prep app on your phone or tablet, you can conveniently study for the SAT wherever you are, whether that's at home, school, or a boring family function.

If you want to raise your SAT score while sticking to a budget, you can find the best SAT prep apps below.

Features of a good SAT app

Extensive Practice Questions: Ideal SAT apps provide numerous practice questions mirroring the SAT's format and difficulty level, complete with detailed explanations for effective learning.

User-Friendly Design: The app should be intuitive, with readable text and straightforward navigation.

Comprehensive Content Review: Effective SAT apps offer clear, in-depth instruction on necessary content, allowing users to progress from basic to advanced understanding without confusion.

Topic-Specific Lessons and Questions: High-quality SAT apps organize material and practice questions by detailed topics, enabling targeted study, such as comma rules, for personalized improvement.

SAT Test Prep Apps: which ones are the most helpful?

College entrance exams are a critical component of the college admissions process, and an SAT score can sometimes make or break an application. As a result, effectively preparing for the SAT is key. One popular option for test-takers is SAT prep apps. Below, we present the best SAT prep apps, describing what they offer and how they can lead to higher SAT scores.

1. Vocabulary Upgrade SAT

Vocabulary Upgrade is designed to help students expand their vocabulary for SAT success. The app offers diverse learning methods including games, tests, and stories, pairing words with images for better retention. It introduces advanced vocabulary, teaching usage, spelling, and related words. Aimed at prospective college students, it's user-friendly for learning in short sessions. Features include audio pronunciations and a detailed dictionary. Download the app on iOS for an interactive way to prepare for the SAT with videos and animations.

Devices: iOS

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2. Khan Academy SAT

App Store | Google Play

Khan Academy offers comprehensive SAT preparation with practice tests, detailed explanations, and subject-based questions. Its SAT prep app includes key features from the website, offering strategies, English grammar mastery, and specialized courses for the exam. The platform includes answer keys, essay prompts, and practice tests, aligning with the new SAT format. It's beneficial for those aiming for US universities, highlighting 42 math skills and 28 reading and writing skills crucial for the SAT. Khan Academy's Official SAT Practice provides a personalized study plan based on students' previous SAT scores, offering free exercises, full tests, articles, and videos to enhance exam readiness.

3. Magoosh SAT Flashcards

App Store | Google Play

Magoosh is a popular SAT Prep app featuring free flashcards for essential English and Math concepts, covering all difficulty levels to match your skills. Developed by expert SAT tutors, including Chris Lele, the app's SAT word list is carefully chosen with definitions and usage examples. It uses game-like quizzes to make learning vocabulary engaging. Magoosh tailors practice to the areas you need most, ensuring efficient study and retention of material.

4. USATestPrep

USATestPrep is an online SAT preparation resource aligned with current SAT standards, offering multiple-choice, constructed response, free response, and technology-enhanced tasks. It supports SAT preparation across various subjects, featuring tools for teacher monitoring and assessment, alongside student resources like videos and games. The platform includes both pre-built and customizable assessments and is accessible on any device with a modern web browser.

5. SAT Vocab by MindSnacks

SAT Vocab – MindSnacks is an educational app that adds a bit of fun to what might be a stressful task of SAT prep. If you have a hard time memorizing new vocabulary, you will love this app. You can learn new words through games specifically designed for the SAT. Sat Vocab is a good choice for students and adults alike. This app takes what could be a mundane task of memorizing definitions and turns it into a fun endeavor. Complete the 9 different games and pay attention to the words highlighted in the lesson.

Download SAT Vocab Games (iOS)

6. Math Brain Booster Games

Time in the SAT exams is minimal, and therefore, it becomes essential for students to save time wherever they can. 99% of the concepts in math involve addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction, and if these could be done mentally and faster, there could not be a better thing than that. Math Brain Booster Games is an app available on iOS which aims to develop the speed and ability of students to calculate faster and that too without using a calculator. Similar to the Vocab Genius app mentioned above this app doesn’t directly help you for the SAT but indirectly helps you build upon your skills that you can be used to excel in these exams.

Download Math Brain Booster Games (iOS)

7. SAT Vocab Genius

This iOS app uses strategy techniques and methods for the test takers to remember the words. With features like convenient interface, browsing and a customized flashcard system makes this app worth your time and effort. Includes practice for only the vocabulary section. It comes with a great visualization and feedback tool that allows you to easily understand and learn new topics. If vocabulary is your concern right now for SAT, try this app and you can see the difference.

Download SAT Vocab Genius (iOS)

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