8 Best SAT Prep Apps [2020]

The SAT is a test with great influence when it comes to college admission. Competitive educational institutions place emphasis on high test scores, which are sued to identify students who are at the right level for them. In spite of its reputation, the SAT is not as hard as it seems. Yes, the material is advanced, but the test is not tricky – in other words, the questions are not designed so that you pick the right answer. With a little bit of practice, you can get a good score. When it comes to studying for the SAT, do not get lost in notes and ideas.

Mobile apps for education can be used time and time again for many areas of learning, making things easier to understand. Information is at your fingertips and you can get the details that you need from anywhere in the world. Therefore, technology can help you prepare for the SAT. Numerous SAT apps feature comprehensive tests and study content for sections such as Critical Reading, Math, or Writing. You can practice on a daily basis. Answer a question and you will receive immediate feedback. An app is like your personal study buddy, in the sense that it supports your learning and helps you assess your performance. Take advantage of the power of digital if you cannot afford the luxury of a full-time SAT course. A mobile app will offer you the freedom you need concerning time and space.

Check out the best apps for preparing for the SATs to make sure you do your very best.

SAT test prep apps: which ones are the most helpful?

Nowadays, there is an app for literally everything, including our furry friends. If you want to get the perfect score on the SAT, change the way you learn. There are many good mobile apps available, which can help you balance well between your daily schedule, school work, and SAT practice. Let’s take a close look at some helpful SAT prep apps:

1. Smart Vocabulary

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Smart Vocabulary for SAT

By far one of the best SAT prep apps, Smart Vocabulary app is aimed at growing and refining a student’s range of vocabulary in preparation for college entrance tests.  Smart Vocabulary is designed around preparing students for the language component of the SAT. To this end, it covers 440 words selected by their likelihood of appearing on this test. It is a good selection not only for the purposes of the tests but because they are also useful words to know how to use correctly.

The app is helpful for those who would like to expand their knowledge of lesser-used words could also learn a lot from it.

2. Khan Academy

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The Khan Academy SAT prep app offers a portion of the Khan Academy SAT prep website. Do you want to know excellent strategies that can help you clear SAT exam?  Do you want to master English Grammar rules to improve your score? Just join this Khan Academy course which is specially designed to give first-class prep for the test. It includes answer keys, essay prompts and practice tests for the students. In this class, you will lots of text explanations and video lectures to help you understand the structure of SAT test. During the training, you will learn many skills that are required to pass the exam.

3. Practice for the SAT

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This is the College Board’s official SAT prep app. Every day the app offers a new practice question, which can cover any topic. This feature might not help you if it’s on a topic you already know, but since previous questions of the day are archived, you can simply access these instead. Archived questions are organized by section and can be sorted by difficulty level or even the date they were posted. This official SAT app also has a function through which you can scan an official SAT practice test you’ve taken and get it corrected.

Daily Practice for the New SAT offers a question of the day, SAT practice tests, and the ability to instantly get your SAT scores just by taking a picture.

4. SAT Flashcards: Prep & Vocabulary

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It is one of the popular SAT Prep app which includes free SAT flashcards with important English and Math concepts. Magoosh’s free SAT Prep & Vocab flashcards span all difficulty levels letting you focus on concepts and words that are the right difficulty for you, no matter what your skills are.

The entire SAT wordlist is selected and defined with usage examples by Magoosh’s expert SAT tutors, led by Chris Lele. A fun and addicting game-like quiz makes learning those obscure vocabulary words interesting again – no matter the subject. Magoosh focuses your practice on the concepts you need to review the most, saving you valuable time and making sure you truly remember what you have studied.

5. Ready4 SAT

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It is the #1 study app for SAT with over 1,000 questions at your fingertips. It provides you detailed explanations on hundreds of digital flashcards which will help you prepare for all-important exams minutes at a time. Users will be able browse 400+ top schools/universities to see where you measure up against their average SAT scoring student, then set your own goals to match.

With Ready4 SAT, you can track your SAT prep progress, practice question-of-the-day problems, and follow lessons that walk you through test concepts step by step. This app also offers average SAT scores for many colleges and universities.

6. SAT Up – New SAT Test Prep and Tutoring

SAT Up offers a personalized course, which includes daily workouts and full-length practice tests. The best thing about this mobile application is that it enables you to focus on your specific needs while prepping for the test you are about to take. Beef up your vocabulary and get face-to-face time with an instructor.

7. SAT Vocab by MindSnacks

If you have a hard time memorizing new vocabulary, you will love this app. You can learn new words through games specifically designed for the SAT. Sat Vocab is a good choice for students and adults alike. Complete the 9 different games and pay attention to the words highlighted in the lesson.

8. SAT Math: Geometry and Measurement Lite

If you want to score 1600 points on the SAT, polish your Math skills with the help of this app. You can practice measuring, counting, comparing, etc. The mobile app has more than 300 questions. What is more, the content is written by SAT tutors with years of experience. Use this app to master geometry concepts.

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