The Best Homeschooling Resources In 2021

A pandemic of the Covid-19 virus has affected many different areas of our lives throughout recent months. We had to adapt to new measures and put up with some different rules from the ones we used to have. Almost every field of life encountered shocking changes that people find hard to adapt and accept. Many sports facilities don’t work properly, the working time of all the objects is limited and restricted, even the world economy suffered from this pandemic. Schools and colleges are not an exception. Now, all the children need to listen to their lessons online due to coronavirus situations. Having that in mind, let’s see what are the best homeschooling resources in 2021 and what they can offer.

Khan Academy

Something that has to be unavoidable when it comes to the best homeschooling resources is the Khan Academy. This is a non-profit American educational organization made in order to create numerous online tools that can be effective in the education of the students.

This organization works in a way of producing short lessons mostly in the form of videos. Also, you can find on the website of Khan Academy some practice exercises so as materials available for the educators. Of course, the consumption of these materials is free for the users of this website.

How Does It Work?

Well, the answer is quite simple on that one. If you want to use Khan Academy, you will have to know certain things about its working for sure. Videos are shown in the way of recording of drawings on an electronic blackboard. You will be able to listen to the narrator which task is to describe each drawing and how it is connected to the material that is being taught. Also, there is a motivational aspect for you up here. You can earn some energy points and badges which will be displayed on your profile page.

If you have a language barrier, you should know that videos at this organization have nearly 20.000 subtitle translations on disposal. So, you can feel relaxed as you will surely find your language available among all of these translations. If you are not assured of the quality of this organization, feel free to have a look at extra essay reviews online, it can help you to make your decision clear. 


Another American website organization whose goal is to make the education of the students easier during the Coronavirus pandemic is Duolingo. This is a language-learning mobile application and website so as digital language-proficiency assessment exam too.

It used to be a free website and application. Even though there is a premium version of it which is also free to use. In the last couple of years, this organization expanded dramatically, and nowadays it can offer up to 98 language courses in 38 languages. Since this day, there are over 300 million registered users of this application so far.

There are a lot of different methods on how this app works. You can study by reading sentences, forming phrases by ordering words, and matching them with the images, listening to the pronunciation so as voice recordings. Besides, if you are a gaming lover, you will have to adore this app. You know why?

It is because Duolingo has the possibility of providing the mimicry of video games. Like many games, this feature also provides a rewarding system where students can acquire “lingots”. That is an in-game currency they can spend on getting bonus levels or customize their characters. In addition, there is a competitive feeling of Duolingo. If you are passionate about competitions, you can compete against others on the public lead border. There will be up to 30 users that you can compete against and collect your XP (experience points).

Something that also can attract your attention is the simplicity of the grammar-translation method in this application. Duolingo prefers using simple words and phrases rather than complex ones. So, if you perhaps have problems with complex words or your knowledge of some language is not on an advanced level, it will not be hard for you to adapt to its features.


This is an American online course provider which is created by MIT and Harvard. It is a non-profit organization that provides multiple university-level courses online. You can run it on the free Open edX open-source software platform.

What you should know is that many schools and non-profit organizations are planning to offer courses on this website. Some of them already did. Around 150 different schools are interested in providing their services available on edX. There are more than 6000 educated instructors on the platform.

Courses on this website are based on weekly learning sequences. All of the sequences are shown in the form of video with interactive learning exercises. Students can practice the concepts from the videos straight away. There are also some tutorial videos on disposal for the students that have problems understanding the features of the website. It is useful to know that there are some courses only available to paying students.


One of the most interesting websites that provide help in education is definitely BrainPOP. This is a group of educational websites that offers short animated movies for a certain group of students. There are over 1000 movies of these types available for students mostly in the age between 6 and 17. You can find videos of different genres and related to many materials. It covers a wide range of subjects such as English, health, engineering and technology, social science, art, music, etc. Striking data shows that this website is used in 25% of total schools in the USA. It is also being used in foreign countries like France and Spain in Europe as well as Mexico in Central America. When it comes to the videos in these foreign countries, they are all translated into local languages so if you are a resident of those countries you can sleep with no worries.

This website is available by subscription. However, it provides some free content in the form of “movie of the day”, and educational materials such as the library of educational games “GameUp”.

The main part of this website lies in its entertainment potential. All of the videos are specially designed to engage students to provide appropriate support to the homeschoolers and teachers. There are 2 main characters in BrainPOP movies: Tim and Moby. It could be said that the first one is a leader as it does the majority of talking in the movies and does most of the narrative tasks. Tim is a teenager while Moby is presented as an orange robot who communicates in beeping sounds.

A global pandemic will surely be present at least in a couple of upcoming months. Knowing that it is quite reasonable to think that children will have to learn their lessons for a while online by using those resources in 2021. We tried to make a shorter list of what are the best ones, or the most reliable ones that students should be using this year. Let’s just hope that Covid-19 will not last much longer so the kids can get back normally to school and listen to their lessons directly from the teacher’s mouth!

BBC Bitesize

You might remember the BBC Bitesize website from your own school days, and it’s still going strong. There’s material here for kids of all ages, from reception all the way through to A-levels. It covers every subject your kids are currently studying, and as the name suggests it’s all presented in small, easily digestible chunks.

The activities and videos here are all tailored to support the National Curriculum, so you can be confident that your kids are covering the same material they would in class, with different content tailored for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Once they’ve completed a particular section, they can test their knowledge with an interactive quiz to make sure it’s stuck.

It’s great stuff, and will help them prepare for whatever coursework or remote exams they’ll need to complete in the coming months – and it’s all available free. There’s even careers advice available if your kids are in their final year, plus a support hub packed with advice from students and teachers.

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