Best Free Android Apps – July 2019

Have you ever searched for an app on Google Play Store, and scroll down to the download button at once only to discover that it has a price tag? It can happen to anyone. While there are various programs developed for Android, it is vital to know which ones are free and the ones that command a price tag. Finding the best Google apps free can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. These were explicitly recommended for you as the best free applications for Android 2019.

Tree ID (British trees)

If you have an interest in trees, you could find fun with this. It’s all about trees that are either natives or non-natives in the UK. While using this app, you will be asked to identify trees using a series of questions. Just like the satire in Huckleberry Finn, these questions are logical and easy to answer. With any tree feature you pick such as leaf or bark, the program will ask you to describe it using proper identifiable terms e.g. Also, you will be given different features and possibilities to choose from. When you successfully identify all the tree features, the app will tell you what tree you are looking at. At this stage, it will display all sorts of photos of the tree as well as relevant information like where it can be found, its uses and purpose. 

Bitwarden password manager

Here is one of the best apps for Android. It’s a decent password management app that outsmarts the performance of similar technologies on Play Store. It helps you to organize all your usernames and password from a single vault. With it, you will never have to worry about losing passwords, even if you have countless passwords. The vault allows you to store as many usernames and passwords as you want. It guarantees quick and easy access to all your passwords whenever you need them. So, the only password you may have to remember is your Bitwarden password.

Blue Mail

This is one of the free apps for email. It helps you to keep your emails organized while supporting several email providers. It also features color coding for easy organization, widgets, and themes. It’s highly customizable and has a great user interface. Also, the fact that it has a clean and intriguing design with no price tag makes it highly sought after by many users. 

Google Opinion Reward

This is an app from the Google Play Store that allows you to answer simple surveys for a reward. All you have to do is download it from the app store for free then open it one time. If you study the examples of satire in Huck Finn, you should be able to understand the logic behind the reward system developed by Google in the app.


Quik is a video editing app that is entirely free. It works by collecting videos that you have already captured and use them to create a video collage. It’s also fully customizable because you can control when each clip will end or how long it should last. You can also edit the videos and add other effects using the app. However, you should note that since it’s an Android app, it has its limitations and cannot be compared to the desktop version for editing videos.

Whether you need an app for fun games or to organize your work, there is a plethora of free tech to choose from. This article highlighted some of them. Go ahead, download them, and enjoy great app features for free.

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