Best Educational Retro Games for Kids

Being a family who plays video games together is no longer something unusual. Every family has people who love games in it, and many of those find ways to share the hobby of children and parents. The bigger challenge is finding the games that are a good fit to your family. At the end of each year, I put together a list of the family video games my family is most looking forward to. Then, around now, I revisit it to see how many of those games turned out to be as good as they promised.

Some of you will believe that all retro games are developed for gaming and they don’t have any actual benefits. This is not true and the reality is completely different. Although some games are made for fun only, others can be used for fun and education.

To help you sift through the hundreds of games here’s our list of the top retro games that help children learn while playing.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most popular and the best games of all time. It is commonly known as a retro game that offers stunning gameplay. You will be able to enjoy mini-puzzles, solve various mysteries, collect items, use those items and so much more. If you are looking to download retro games make this one your priority. The game affects (positively) the reflexes, reading comprehension and problem-solving in children of all ages.

2. Sim City 2000 

Sim City 2000 is just the right game you can play today. It is simpler than the modern version which makes it more desirable for younger children. The educational features are just massive. A child can improve quick thinking because a player will have to act fast when a disaster happens and solve the countless problems. Then we have money management and standard problem-solving improvements. The game should be on your list as well, especially if your child likes strategy-based games.



3. Mario Party 

Mario Party is an educational game that comes with all the right ingredients. It is fun meaning your child will likely play it. You can play it as well. The game improves reflexes and makes the response time shorter. It will teach your child to accept winning and losing and to stay persistent. The game is appreciated for improving fair play and teamwork.

4. Kings Quest IV 

In the game, a character known as Rosella will do literally anything to get the magic fruit and save her father. It is another quest and problem solving the game. The Rosella game is also known as The Perils of Rosella. It is one of the oldest games here on our list and it has been very popular in the past. Children can use the game to boost their spelling. In order to give a command to Rosella, a gamer must spell perfectly. Millions of gamers played the game precisely for this reason.

5. Star Wars: Rebel Assault 

Star Wars: Rebel Assault is a retro game based on Star Wars, episodes 4-6. In the game, you will have to complete complicated missions and to pay close attention to any detail. What this means is that the game helps children improve the reflexes, perseverance and coordination. A player has several styles he or she can use through the play and each one transforms the gaming.


6. Pokemon Snap 

We must mention that all Pokemon games are beneficial for children’s education. They improve reading, problem-solving, memory and quick thinking. But, if your child isn’t interested in ordinary Pokemon games, he will like Pokemon Snap. In this version, a player has to capture the photos of the Pokemons. The photos will be ranked according to the quality. Besides all of the benefits, we have mentioned the game also boosts the knowledge and skills of basic photography.

Retro games are fun to play and yes they are games, but they can be used for educational purposes. Not all games have this feature but many of them do. Now you know the best 6 retro games that will help educate your child.

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