Best Diary for Kids

Writing and keeping a dairy or a journal is a good hobby. It could change your life in a positive way. Journaling is the good way to remember little and important things in life. Also, it gives you a way to look back to your precious memories.

Now, as everything is going digital so why not your journal. Smart journal app is the new trend to keep your memories alive. These digital journal app also have a feature to add media like photos, audios, and videos.

Here is the list of best diary apps to make your memories live for forever.

1. Diaro

Diaro is a multi-platform diary app designed to record your activities, daily events, appointments, experiences, thoughts, feelings, secrets and ideas throughout the day and sync data across all your devices & PC. It helps you organize your daily diary/journal entries or notes from the past in the easiest way.

Devices: iOS and Android

2. DiaryZapp

DiaryZapp is the fun journaling app that encourages children aged 5 – 11 to write and draw about their daily adventures. DiaryZapp is an opportunity to create with young children records of their everyday life and promote early writing skills. The app allows the creation of one page for each day of the year. DiaryZapp makes creating a digital diary easy, and multiple diaries can be created for multiple children.

Devices: iOS and Android

3. Five Minute Journal

If you’ve always wanted to start a journal, Five Minute Journal is the app to try. Like its physical counterpart, this app starts off your morning by asking questions geared toward gratitude and purpose, and ends your evening with reflection.

Devices: iOS and Android

4. Day One

Day One is a personal journaling app that is available across the entire iOS ecosystem (including iPads and a Mac app) and Android. This app is much more free-form than structured apps like Friday or the Five Minute Journal; it's a bit more like an open-ended digital diary.

Devices: iOS and Android

5. Penzu

The best diary app for people who like to write long daily entries. If you don’t like to skip a beat then Penzu could be the detailed diary app that you’re looking for. It’s similar to writing in Microsoft Word so has a familiarity to it to make daily writing easier.

Devices: iOS

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