Best Free Bibliography And Citation Tools

Every student faces difficulty with formatting the paper in an academic way according to the strict requirements. Referencing is of utmost importance, it prevents you from problems with plagiarism. If you are currently looking for best free online citation tools, this article is for you.

Free online bibliography and citation tools are becoming an integral part of academic writing for students, especially when they are tight on a budget. Students from various universities and colleges enjoy extensive use of these software programs to avoid being accused of copying someone else’s thoughts and ideas. However, you might have to pay extra money if adding advanced features and fancy citation stats.

There is no one tool that currently works best to support everyone’s needs. Online citation tools and apps are helpful when you are in a rush and have a small number of sources to manage. Citation software and apps are more time consuming but extremely useful for handling larger. more complex citations and for its word processing compatibility.

If you want to make sure that the platforms did everything correctly and formed referencing list according to all the demands of your academic establishment, let online professional writers working for the companies like check it for you. Apart from making a relevant and well-thought referencing list, online specialists are able to craft a paper of any complexity from scratch. Buy college papers online from dedicated writers and do not spend long days and nights on the dreading home assignment.

So, here are the best bibliography and citation apps that allows you to organize, store, and retrieve information, such as citations for books, articles, and Web sites. 

The Best Free Online Bibliography And Citation Tools 

Free online bibliography and citation tools have become an integral part of every eLearning project. So, here are the best free online bibliography and citation tools that are bound to get the job done without any extra burden on your eLearning budget.


EasyBib is a free online bibliography and citation tools that constitute a functional way for people wanting to reference various types of content, both digital and print. EasyBib provides a well-rounded solution for all your citation needs.

EasyBib is an information literacy platform that provides citation, note-taking, and research tools for students. Using EasyBib’s tools, kids can input reference information and have it instantly transformed into any one of the current citation styles (MLA, CMS, etc.). The Citation Guides not only show students what information needs to be included for the book, website, or TV show references but also where they can find all those details. Students can also save and share papers, create notes, and confirm their source materials all in one place. For teachers who want students to spend more time focused on the meat of their papers and less time nit-picking commas and capital letters on the citations page, EasyBib could be a great classroom resource.

Available: Android, iOS and Web


BibMe is regarded to be one of the most functional free online bibliography and citation tools on the Web. All features a student needs are included. What is great about this tool, most of its outstanding features are available in the free package.

  • 4 Citation Styles. Whether you are applying Chicago, MLA, APA or Turabian, BibMe is efficient enough to help you reference your work.
  • Plenty of Sources. Here you will find books, journals, websites and many other sources that cover both printed and digital format.
  • Plagiarism Checker. Check your content for originality against plenty of resources on the Web to avoid using someone else’s words.

Available: Web

Citation Machine

This is definitely one of the easiest to use free online bibliography and citation tools. Most of its features can be accessed in a free format.

  • Vast Citation Variety. Citation Machine can assist students to reference using four major styles such as MLA, Turabian, APA, and Chicago. However, the tool has a vast citation library of additional 7,000 citation styles for various other fields.
  • Guides and resources. The platform posts many articles and different other sources on how to cite properly. Moreover, you can cite content from magazines, journals, books, newspapers, and films which are stored on the website.
  • Plagiarism Checker. Just as BibMe, this online bibliography tool offers plagiarism checking features; however, it is available only for those who have got the subscription.

Available: Web


Mendeley is a very reliable tool that allows using a cloud service to synchronize scientific documents to be read, highlighted, and commented and all changes are updated on all devices. The citation style and tag tool really help to have a clear organization of the files. Another useful tool is the file suggestion or paper suggestion using their community.

Mendeley always helps users keep references organized. It can match all the details of each paper/article when importing them into Mendeley. If the auto-matched details are not corrected, it allows users to edit them easily. Currently, Mendeley is free to all of the users and so it does not cost anything for college students to prepare and manage paper citation. It can also be integrated with Word which makes it more attractive for people who are heavily writing/preparing technical reports.

Available: Android, iOS and Web


Citavi is a multi-purpose online bibliography and citation tool that can be used for the needs to organize knowledge. It is first and foremost a reference manager, but it can also serve as a task management platform. Citavi won’t charge its users for up to 100 references. Apart from it, you can have a premium membership for education purposes, commercial use and personal use.

  • Research Management. This free online citation and bibliography tool perform much more tasks than just creating cited pages: it helps import sources and reference them in a proper way and export them.
  • Many Options for Referencing. With Citavi you have a chance to choose how to add your references. The program itself features 35 options, both manual and automatic referencing, and also the usage of a barcode scanner and PDF referencing.
  • Knowledge Manager. The groundbreaking and exclusive option that belongs to Citavi is a knowledge organization. The program enables you to organize material in the most efficient way. With the aid of a hierarchical category system and keywording, you will be competent to add your thoughts and ideas to the platform.

Available: Web


Easily move through your research process with EndNote’s flexible tools. Organize, share and store your research, create your bibliography, and write your content. EndNote saves you time by automatically finding full text and updating records.

How does EndNote help you research smarter?

  • Search hundreds of online resources for references and PDFs
  • Build your bibliography using the latest reference types
  • Read, review, annotate and search PDFs
  • Keep your data accurate with automatic reference and link updating

Available: iOS and Web


ReadCube is a great tool for centering your reading and annotating activities on PDF files, but regarding reference management, it still falls a bit short, probably due to its relatively young age. Nonetheless, it is a platform that deserves following, since, in its short history, it introduced some interesting innovations in its area.

ReadCube has a slick interface, and its abilities of reading, highlighting and annotating PDFs are very useful. When importing PDFs, ReadCube tries to identify the relevant metadata, similarly to Mendeley. Unfortunately, many academic publishers use different formats for incorporating metadata in their articles, making automated solutions like ReadCube fail often. However, in addition to allowing manually entering the metadata, ReadCube adds a welcome functionality, called “Help ReadCube resolve article”, where the user fills the blanks by simply highlighting parts of the article and setting its category (title, authors, journal, etc.). Then ReadCube checks online for a match. This makes correcting PDF metadata in large libraries much easier.

Available: iOS and Web

Free online bibliography and citation tools are the most effective way for eLearning content developers to give credit to people whose ideas they used.

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