Best Free Bibliography And Citation Websites

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Best Free Bibliography And Citation Websites

A citation generator is a program that creates citations for you with some information that you provide (like author, title, publication date, or simply a link). Using a good and reliable citation website can help you save time and improve your grades.

These best websites for citations can help you create accurate citations in APA, MLA, Harvard, or hundreds of other citation styles. Free online bibliography and citation websites are becoming an integral part of academic writing for students, especially when they are tight on a budget. Students from various universities and colleges use of these websites to avoid being accused of copying someone else’s thoughts and ideas. However, you might have to pay extra money if adding advanced features.

Online citation tools are helpful when you are in a rush and have a small number of sources to manage. Citation websites are more time-consuming but extremely useful for handling larger. more complex citations and for its word processing compatibility.

Here are the best bibliography and citation tools that allow you to organize, store, and retrieve information, such as citations for books, articles, and websites.

Best Free Online Bibliography And Citation Websites 

1. EasyBib

EasyBib is a free online bibliography and citation tool from Chegg. EasyBib can generate citations for a website, book, film, journal, database, podcast, magazine article, press release, dissertation, and dozens of other sources. This citation tool has only limited free access. You can make free citations only in MLA style.

EasyBib is not only accurate, fast, and comprehensive, but helps educators teach and students learn how to become effective and organized researchers.

EasyBib is an information literacy platform that provides citation, note-taking, and research tools for students. Using EasyBib's tools, students can input reference information and have it instantly transformed into any one of the current citation styles (MLA, CMS, etc.).

Available: Website

2. BibMe

BibMe is a free citation generator on the web. Using this website, you can add accurate citations and a bibliography directly to your paper. You can also create accurate citations for multiple styles and source types.

Whether you are applying Chicago, MLA, APA, or Turabian, BibMe is efficient enough to help you reference your work. Here you will find books, journals, websites, and many other sources that cover both printed and digital formats.

Using their Plagiarism Checker, you can check your content for originality against plenty of resources on the Web to avoid using someone else’s words.

BibMe has two different levels. One is free and the other is a premium paid service.

Available: Website

3. Citation Machine

Citation Machine is definitely one of the easiest to use free online bibliography and citation tools. Most of its features are available for free.

Citation Machine can assist students to reference using four major styles such as MLA, Turabian, APA, and Chicago. However, the tool has a vast citation library of additional 7,000 citation styles for various other fields. MyBib helps students avoid plagiarizing their work while also improving the precision and uniformity of their in-text citations.

A work cited generator finds information from across the web to automatically create a full bibliography that helps you cite all of the sources used in an academic paper. The website has vast resources on how to cite properly. Moreover, you can cite content from magazines, journals, books, newspapers, and films which are stored on the website.

Just like BibMe, this online bibliography tool offers plagiarism checking features; however, it is available only for those who have got a subscription. Citation Machine also offers a 3-day free trial for a premium subscription.

Available: Website

4. Mendeley

Mendeley is a free reference manager that can help you store, organize, note, share and cite references and research data. It offers thousands of styles and a convenient interface.

You can easily organize citations with Mendeley. Use Mendeley to add annotations to highlight and add annotations to your research, sort your citations by author, title, publication year, journal, or download date, create folders to group your research, and add personal notes or short tags that help you keep your citations organized.

Your citations, attached files, annotations, and highlighting are saved to your Mendeley account and can be accessed on any version of Mendeley.

Mendeley is a free desktop and web citation management app, but if you would like to increase your personal storage, sign up for their premium plan.

Available: Android, iOS, Chrome Extension, and Website

5. Citavi

Citavi is a multi-purpose online bibliography and citation tool that can be used for the need to organize knowledge. It is first and foremost a reference manager, but it can also serve as a task management platform. Citavi won’t charge its users for up to 100 references. Apart from it, you can have a premium membership for education purposes, commercial, and personal use.

This free online citation and bibliography tool performs much more tasks than just creating cited pages: it helps import sources and reference them in a proper way and export them. With Citavi you have a chance to choose how to add your references. The program itself features 35 options, both manual and automatic referencing, and also the usage of a barcode scanner and PDF referencing.

The groundbreaking and exclusive option that belongs to Citavi is a knowledge organization. The program enables you to organize material in the most efficient way. With the aid of a hierarchical category system and keywording, you will be competent to add your thoughts and ideas to the platform.

Available: Website

6. EndNote

Easily move through your research process with EndNote’s flexible tools. Organize, share and store your research, create your bibliography, and write your content. EndNote saves you time by automatically finding full text and updating records.

You can write the correct reference style within less time without wasting energy and time. The ability to import references directly from a website via the capture reference ability, have it update automatically, and input directly into word documents while creating the Bibliography at the same time.

Available: iOS and Website

7. ReadCube

ReadCube functions as a reference management tool, assisting researchers in effectively organizing their findings, annotating them, and sharing them with other scholars.

Researchers have access to a personalized recommendation engine and feed connected to publications pertinent to their work. The program is equipped with its SmartCite module, which provides users access to more than 9,000 different sources for citing sources. The users may customize these formats to meet their specific needs.

Available: iOS and Website

Free online bibliography and citation tools are the most effective way for eLearning content developers to give credit to people whose ideas they used.

8. Cite This for Me

This tool has an easy-to-use design, which is similar to that of a Microsoft Word document. It creates citations for all citation styles imaginable. Cite This For Me is an automatic bibliography maker in APA and MLA formats.

Cite This for Me basic version is free and pro features include checking for plagiarism, downloading the tool as an add-on, and creating several bibliographies at the same time.

Available: Website

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