Best Apps that will help students to manage their time

Time management is very important for students for many reasons. These tools help better organise college routines, remind of exams and manage to do multiple assignments. This is not a full list of the tasks that can be completed with the help of time management tools. Time management apps are widely available on the internet. We offer the review of several time management apps to guide you in your journey towards more effective organising of your studying process. Our research showed that apps could be, by convention, divided into two types: productivity apps and apps helping create to-do lists. Productivity apps help create tasks and monitor their completion. To-do list apps are designed for better performance control.

Productivity Apps


Evernote is one of the most popular productivity apps. It’s widely used by different people for multiple purposes: keeping notes, scheduling events, collecting clips, photos and films. In addition, you can create multimedia presentations with the help of this app. College students may use this app to locate assignments and plans. It’s particularly useful for those students who are studying in several educational institutions or study and work simultaneously. Also, the app is perfect for absent-minded people because it allows for making notes of the greatest ideas, thoughts and inspirations you ever had across any devices. Evernote is a great tool for organising your education process, making personal checklists, setting reminders and planning events. In addition, you can work in collaboration with other students if you’re assigned a group project.

Google Keep

It’s not easy to keep many things in mind when studying at a university. For this reason, Google created a great number of useful analytical, organising and time management tools for more effective planning. Google Keep is designed for Android and iOS. With its handy pin-board format, it allows users to make notes and adding photos. You may use it as a homework planner not to miss anything or as an event planner if you actively participate in the social life of the university. If you’re already using Google, it will help increase your personal productivity. You can use the web version of Google Keep if you’re not one of Google’s users yet. The functionality of mobile and web versions of this app is the same. Pin your photos, tasks, lists, notes and memos easily. You can also find previous pins, receive reminders or share your notes with others.


Trello is a relatively new, but actively developing productivity app. You can create boards to organise all projects you’re currently working on using this app. Besides, you can customize them independently or in cooperation with other students. An option of delegating tasks is also available. Create separate lists for tasks or track task completion progress using this time management tool. This app helps make collaboration easy and fun that helps enjoy the study process. This is a free app that can be easily found on Apple Watch or your smartphone.

myHomework Student Planner

This is an app specifically created for students and completing homework. However, it can be successfully used by other people as well. It offers a calendar for tracking events, deadlines of assignments, projects and exams. It has a homework widget to synchronize all tasks and receive reminders about deadlines. This will help submit papers on time. This tool is perfect for those students who like to party and tend to forget about deadlines. This app is free, but if you’re irritated by impertinent advertising, you can purchase an ad-free version for only per year.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is a time management tool from the family of Pomodoro apps the functions of which are to break a task into several more manageable parts. For example, you’re assigned a task and have three weeks for its completion. As it’s suggested by PapersOwl, divide this task into three parts to complete one part during the first week. If your task is to write an essay on management, during the first week, you can make a writing plan and examine relevant literature. During the second week, you may accomplish three out of six sections of your essay. By the end of the final week, you will complete remaining parts of the essay and finalize it. This method is used in Focus Booster to help you become more effective and avoid procrastination. In addition, you will never burn out in this way.

To-do List Apps


Finish is one of the most effective time management tools that helps effectively fight procrastination. Many students are sick with procrastination. By creating to-do lists, you don’t allow yourself to relax until you do what is needed according to the schedule. Finish allows you checking the tasks that were completed and fill you with proud for accomplished assignments. You can track how you’re becoming more productive each day. Just place a checkmark once you completed a task and enjoy the reward sound, the sound of a winner! Old tasks are archived automatically to ease your search.

Remember The Milk

Don’t be confused with the strange name of this app, just concentrate on its usefulness. The app is designed for iOS. This is a mix of productivity and to-do list apps. Remember The Milk helps organise schedules, complete tasks on the move, and set up various reminders. Basically, these functions are similar to the functions of other time management tools. You can rely on this app not to miss a single appointment.


This app is focused on using colour coding. This is an ideal tool for visual learners. Tasks can be categorised by type (college, work, home) or priority (low, medium, high) using colours. For example, you may use red colour for the tasks of high priority and green colour for low priority. Similarly, by using a blue colour for home tasks, you can differentiate them from those you have to complete at work (orange colour). By looking at your 2Do dashboard, you can understand what to do first, second, third, etc.


Listastic is an IOS app as well. This is a list tracker that boasts by smoother functionality and ease of use. Therefore, it takes a well-deserved position among other similar apps. For example, you can make a list of groceries to buy and take your smartphone with you to the supermarket not to forget what your mum asked to buy. No need to use paper notes anymore! You can also share your notes with other people here as well.

Epic Win

Yes, we know that time management can be dull, but this is a necessity nowadays. Maybe Epic Win can cheer you up: you can earn XP each time when you complete a task and improve in-app characters of your device. This app will help you improve statistics, level-up and become rich! So, if you like to combine useful and pleasant things, your choice is clear now.

Here we presented several apps for more effective time management and work organising that can be used not only by students. All people need to organise their tasks to be more effective and manage to do more. We hope that this short review will help you in your endeavour.

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