Best Apps for Studying Applied Sciences

Studying applied sciences is problematic for many, especially if you don’t have that flair for speedy calculations. If you are among the group, your experience with these subjects is probably frustrating, but there are many ways you can change the situation for the better and start enjoying the things you used to dread. As an option, you can use technology to enhance your cognitive abilities, which is the simplest and most efficient way to get better at applied sciences. To be more precise, you can take advantage of hundreds of different apps that make studying a piece of cake to anyone who has a smartphone and is willing to invest some time into their studies.

Chemistry Lab

This app turns chemistry, a seemingly complex and somewhat boring subject, into an exciting adventure. All organic chemistry mechanisms are transformed into eye-catching flashcards and reaction names. As a student, you’ll get to explore various chemical reactions and effective ways to solve them. What makes this app even better is that everything is explained in simple terms. You don’t need to google every word to see what it means or read the same sentence a couple of times to grasp the meaning of it. Overall, you get to go through more than a thousand flashcards with different levels to take on. Even if at some point you find the studying process hard and get stuck with the cards, you’ll get to use the clues and hints that appear along the way. Studying has never been more fun!


Malmath is a great find for the students who find it difficult to solve math problems and can’t follow the process when it comes to working with calculations. It’s also a great option in case you were out of school for a few days or weeks and have some topics to cover on your own to catch up with the rest of the group. This app will give you clear and concise step by step explanations of the solving process, offering you some graphics to make comprehension easier. It’s not only regular calculations that you can follow here but also lots of other complex matters like derivatives, integrals, trigonometry, equations, and algebra. There are different difficulty levels and categories for you to choose from, which means that you don’t need to know a lot of math before you get your hands on the app and start actively using it.

Pocket Physics

This app is a real find for the students who are not particularly fond of physics and find it complex or do love physics but want to make it more fun. Pocket Physics covers most of the formulas, equations, and vital concepts you need to know in order to be good at the subject. You get to enjoy well-written explanations of hard topics like gravity, power, energy, projectile motion, current, optics, hydrostatics, electrostatics, magnetic field, astronomy, and even thermodynamics. For the most part, this all is a goldmine of various formulas, equations, and witty references, most of which are accompanied by useful images. This app will help you master physics much faster and in a more effective manner, which means you will have more free time left to spend with your friends or family.


This one is both a platform and an app you can use to study maths, applied sciences, and many other subjects. All courses are either free or very cheap, so it is a very much affordable service that can help you make considerable progress with your studies. With every course, you get to watch several hours of lectures and read downloadable materials that complement the courses. It is easy to find the best course: all of them are rated and have some reviews, which means you can learn about the experience other students had with the course you have your eye on. Some of the courses might be time-consuming, that’s why it is a good idea to have an academic writer from at your beck and call. They will help you out with any assignment you have and make sure you meet all the deadlines.

Math Tricks

This is where your seemingly boring and perplexing math gets exciting. Have you ever found yourself trying to do pretty simple calculations in your head but then being tempted to grab a calculator and get it done for you? This app will spare you the trouble and teach you various tips and tricks that make the calculation process fast and surprisingly easy. You will learn how to solve many mathematical problems considerably faster than you did with the help of traditional calculation methods. There are more than 80 tricks available for you to explore, many of them featuring addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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