Best Online Collaboration Tools for Students

Collaborative working online is an important skill for students and staff. This post looks at some of the tools which can be used to accomplish tasks together online and capture why it is important to introduce students to them. Online collaboration is a way for students to both feel comfortable in an environment larger than their classroom and also a way to teach them the aspects of becoming a global citizen.

With technology, student collaboration and collaborative learning are much easier to facilitate, whether you want students to work together outside the classroom or need to increase student buy-in and engagement. Technology-based collaborative learning is attaining increasing relevance in higher education.

Here is the list of student collaboration tools help to engage students in teamwork, getting them to create, reflect, share and collaborate on projects, inside and outside of school.


This handy tool encourages collaboration and creative expression, and it makes sharing assignments and giving feedback a snap for teachers. This tool joins students, teachers and even parents together in a shared learning process through one cohesive interface. The endless storage capacity and a functional suite of tools make all aspects of running a classroom more efficient and interactive. From assigning homework to creating exam questions to facilitating discussions to communicating with parents, Edmodo allows for active participation and empowers students to take charge of their own education.

This website also integrates with Google Apps and Microsoft Office, so you can merge content from other sources into just one easy-to-track location.  For example, you can use educational materials from Bid4papers to help your students write better papers and learn new writing tips. 


Padlet is a collaboration tool that allows users to easily express their thoughts on a common topic and read what others have to say. It is essentially a virtual bulletin board in which collaborators can simultaneously create and organize posts of any content type, whether it be text, documents, images, videos, links, etc. Padlet is an online tool that easily facilitates collaborative learning, discussion and the sharing of resources. Information that is added to a Padlet wall instantaneously appears wherever it is being viewed; it, therefore, provides an efficient method for sharing ideas, facilitating communication and enabling peer interaction.


Stoodle logo written in green letters.toodle is a free tool where users can join an online classroom by simply sharing an URL. It offers real-time collaboration and communication, multiple users can work on the same virtual whiteboard at the same time through text chat and voice conferencing using their computer’s microphone. They also can type, draw, and search and upload images. Stoodle is supported by the CK-12 Foundation. It is a virtual board that allows for asynchronous and synchronous communication as well as backchanneling.


An excellent tool to engage students in learning, collaboration, and critical thinking is now more accessible than ever to teachers. Although this website is primarily geared toward companies and organizations, it fosters productive classroom dialogue too. Yammer is structured in a series of forums that allow both students and teachers to post relevant information, collaborate on assignments, check deadlines or module updates, and contribute to educational debates. With the wide-ranging impact of social media on their lives, this format will resonate with students and excite them to participate in classroom activities. 


Trello is a free collaboration tool for organizing tasks and projects. It lets you create boards, each of which can have multiple lists made of individual cards. You can break a big project into smaller tasks and add people to each card or board so that they can see which parts of the task are their responsibility and keep track of the whole project. Cards can be colour-coded with labels, have checklists added, a due date entered, and files attached. There is space on the ‘back’ of the card for comments so people working on a task together can keep each other updated. You can receive a notification when a card is updated or due date is near and with mobile apps for Android and iOS, Trello can be used to keep track of collaborative projects on the go.


This collaborative tool has been designed for all academic levels, from kindergarten to twelfth grade, to give students a “choice and voice” in how they learn. This multimedia interface enables teachers to make collaborative assignments, projects, discussion boards and lesson plans, then oversee your students’ progress on this curriculum throughout the year. In addition to promoting engagement in your own classroom, PowerSchool offers the unique ability to connect with other teachers, administrators and student bodies through the website’s Learning Library to initiate a unified and interdependent educational community. 


This collaborative tool functions as a virtual whiteboard you can access online and operate as an actual whiteboard in your classroom space. This website requires a subscription to activate, but its extensive features make the cost worthwhile. On the Twiddla screen, you can annotate documents, webpages, charts or diagrams, lecture notes, images and other data, while browsing the internet to upload more resources at the same time. This program is also interactive because, once they join the Twiddla session, your students can highlight, insert text and screenshot material to reference later when studying at home.

Collaboration and collaborative learning are critical for student growth. Use technology to make it easier for students to collaborate outside the classroom, boost buy-in and engagement, and much more.

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