Best Apps for Saving & Making Money

The power of personal devices continues to grow and grow, with apps leading the charge in both usefulness and entertainment for consumers. Recently, there have been a number of new apps developed specifically to help with saving, managing and making more money, especially passively.

With so many great options for investment and finance apps available today, there really is something for everyone. With little to no bare of entry in the way of fees or account minimums, there is nothing stopping you from getting started today! Here are some of the best investment apps for saving and making money.


One of the most popular and easy-to-use investing apps out there, Acorns helps beginners get started with investing, while also proactively saving money in small increments. With the Acorns app, you’ll do some sort of initial set up, where you specify an amount of money that you want to transfer each week or each month to get transferred into your investment account. You’ll also get some say on where you’ll be investing the money (in stocks, bonds, etc), but it’s typically very low-risk. Overall, Acorns offers five different portfolios to choose from, from conservative to aggressive risk factors, so you can decide how aggressively you want to invest your money.

One thing that makes Acorns unique is its “round-up” function, where you link the app to your primary spending account, and for every purchase you make, the app rounds up the amount to a full dollar amount and puts the extra change into your investment account. The more your spend, the more you save – it doesn’t get much easier to save than that!


If you are even a little bit interested in cryptocurrency, then Coinbase is a great investing app for you to explore. Coinbase is an app that allows you to monitor various cryptocurrency markets, and handle all major maintenance and investment tasks directly in the app. With Coinbase, you can send and request bitcoins right through the app, buy and sell cryptocurrency, and also track various cryptocurrency prices. Bitcoin can be confusing, but the Coinbase app makes it easy to understand and navigate as possible by centralizing all core functions.

Bitcoin in certainly gaining speed in the investment world – get started with cryptocurrency investing with Coinbase today!


Another popular investment app is Robinhood. Robinhood was created with the goal of making investing easier and more accessible to the public. It’s simple to use with an easily navigable interface, and specifically designed to be user-friendly for beginners. Plus, the app is totally free! The only potential downside is that you can’t use Robinhood for retirement or IRA accounts – you’ll have to use a more traditional account provider for that.

If your most important interest is just learning more about investing, and getting some strategy tips as well as full lay of the investing landscape, then Robinhood is probably your best choice.

As you can see, there are many options for using investment apps to grow and save money for the future – and this list is just three apps of the dozens that are out there. Do some research to decide which app best suits your specific needs and interests, educate yourself, and get started saving for your future today.

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