Best Apps for Black History Month

Black History Month is an international celebration. In the UK it runs throughout the month of October and in the USA during the month of February. Black History Month focuses on the achievements of black people in society: celebrating, recognising and valuing the inspirational individuals and events from within black and minority ethnic communities.

In schools, children of all colours, creeds and nationalities remember and celebrate many important and influential people throughout history – and also current figures – who have contributed to our society; celebrating and remembering the people who have helped to make a difference to the world.

Apps are a good starting point to open up discussions around Black History Month, providing resources to help you celebrate Black History Month. Use our top apps to inspire your students during this special month:

1) Start with a Story: Stories are a really accessible way for young students to explore themes throughout Black History month, as well as providing a great way to open up the conversation in the classroom. Using Sleepover in Africa, children learn about another country and culture via an interactive and engaging story. With this book app your students will help find out what happened to Clarity’s homework while learning great facts about Rwanda.

2) Creating Global Citizens: Black History Month provides teachers with an opportunity to deliver inspirational lessons on global citizenship, diversity and human geography – creating global citizens in our classrooms! Globe Smart Education is a super citizenship app that contains extensive teacher notes and lesson planning ideas, which should be a real time-saver for any teacher wishing to use this app in class. The ideas are clearly set out for each of five world locations, with lesson plans, question sets and discussion points included.

3) Learning From History: There are so many inspirational people, throughout history, who have strove for freedom, tolerance and truth and inspiring others to do the same. The Then and Now Series: Black History delivers informative biographies for 100 inspiring and important figures throughout history. The app features a searchable list including information on Nelson Mandela, Langston Hughes, and Martin Luther King Jr. amongst others. Students can share the biographies through email or print them.

4) Are You Truly Global?: Inspire your students using What It Means To Be Global? which is based on the multi-award winning book. This interactive edutainment app is a great conversation starter and explores themes around appreciating and respecting other children’s traditions, cultures, religions, and values. Help your students discover what it means to be global and to celebrate global diversity.

5) Cross-Curricular & Multi-Cultural: Black History Month lends itself really well to topic-based work, drawing together different curricular subjects such as art, history, geography…and more. The Raptastic story within the Dream Learners app explores the history of rap music. It’s perfect for using with young students during Black History Month and includes strands of literacy, history, geography, music and P.E. Use it as a whole class story projected to a class display and/or as a prompt for children to think about how their learning links together.

Have fun using some great apps during Black History Month with your class!

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