Best Apps for College Students

By now, almost everyone can attest to the benefits they enjoy from integrating apps into their daily routines. The advantages vary for all groups of people – from cost-effectiveness to time-saving advantages, alongside the inevitable ability to multitask whenever one wants to. The same applies to college students. Through the use of various study apps, students are able to track their learning progress, interact with certified coursework help experts (knowing the fact that specified coursework writing service provides only quality papers to any student). They are also able to access online learning material that proves instrumental to their understanding of a subject.

The truth remains that there are many options to choose from. Many times students get confused about which college apps to choose, especially when they all claim to be the best. The good news is that spotting out a quality application is quite easy – it will meet your academic needs without making you over-dependent on it. A good student software would push you to read more on the topic for your coursework writing instead of directing you to a shady website.

Below we have combined a list of the best apps for college students, as well as what they have to offer. They are listed in no specific order.

Must have apps for android users in college


Having times when you need to rent a really expensive textbook to help with coursework? Chegg has you covered! The finance-savvy app allows students to rent needed textbooks for just half the original price – or less. You also get to access live help from online experts who are ever glad to guide you through your assessments.

Study Blue

Those times you cannot get across to any coursework writing service and need to write your essay yourself, Study Blue is the perfect platform. With the help of flashcards, it helps you organize your thoughts and ideas in the form of notes that can be stored and accessed at any time.


Do you love group work? Are you a student that enjoys study time with peers and friends? Then this app will be perfect for you. Besides the added goodies of flashcard creation and note taking, this app allows students to do assignments on a “virtual roundtable” where everyone’s input is beneficial to all. In addition, Brainscape also gives the opportunity for one to keep watch on his own progress in specific subjects.


Having trouble going through that Shakespeare literature? Sometimes it’s a bit challenging to keep up with “Old English” especially when used in poetry or prose. But not to worry, LitCharts is designed to assist in times like these. With a library of summaries, reviews, commentaries, and notes on different literature books, you have an opportunity to speed up your understanding of any literature book. LitCharts also has a collection of quotes on many titles – a useful tool in preparing end-of-semester reports.

Microsoft Office Mobile

This list wouldn’t be complete without the ever-trustworthy Microsoft App – bringing ageless apps like Word and Excel to your mobile phone. This means that you can prepare assignments and essays on the go without having to drag your laptop everywhere you go. The Mobile version of Microsoft Office also comes with cloud storage, meaning that you can store your documents and presentations online, then access them from any of your trusted devices. Having this program always comes in handy especially when you need to review the documents you get from coursework help uk on the go.

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of finding what works for you – there’s no following the crowd on this. There are thousands of trustworthy applications to choose from. Be sure to get those that you will benefit from.

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