Basic Tips around App Marketing

With each passing month, I and the team have had the privilege to speak to many developers who have taken the time to develop super apps, however, unfortunately, a small percentage of you, have developed or had the knowledge on how to produce an effective, comprehensive marketing plan. Therefore, we will be providing you a tip each week on how to create a marketing plan, with the intention of helping you to get your apps into the marketplace.

So where do you start and what are the basics?

  1. Create a Plan

Develop a marketing plan that ensures that your target audience is reached in a manner that they respond to your efforts. It should be clear and concise and consist of goals that are systematic, measurable and can be easily attained (There is nothing worse than setting yourself unrealistic goals and failing). You should attach timelines to all your goals and be able to measure your performance and analyses its effectiveness daily.

  1. Develop your own content

If you find it difficult to write content around your area of expertise, then hire tech writers to create that content. Create blogs and submit them to those who have authority online in your specialist area. Then distribute your blogs in the same manner as you do with other press releases and marketing campaigns.

  1. Social Media

It’s important to make good use of social media and establish relationships with potential customers. As it is helpful in establishing brand awareness on a national and an international level. With so many social media platforms to choose from, we would recommend that you start with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (The platforms with the largest reach in terms of your target audience). To be mentioned, Instagram automation is very popular nowadays and by using those automatic tools (to get/give likes, follow/unfollow and so on) you have to use proxies for Instagram, otherwise, your actions will be detected by Instagram and the best-case scenario – you’ll get action block.  Whatever platform you choose to start, you should bear in mind that when selecting the various platforms, that your target audience is maybe more active on certain social media platforms than others.

Over the next four weeks we will expand of each of the above areas and as always please get in touch, if we can be of help.

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