Best Back-To-School Apps for Students

It’s nearly that time again. The lazy summer days are gone. Students, Teachers and Parents are all facing back-to-school jitters. At the Educational App Store we selected some of the most useful apps to get you organized in time for the new semester. If you’re looking to get back in the game try our selection of back-to-school apps that will make your school life a little bit easier.

English dictionary and thesaurus

Dictionary(dot)com app has two easily interchangeable modes: dictionary and thesaurus. The search box with voice recognition button (microphone) is present at the top of all pages. The main page lets users choose and read daily (and previous) updates, view recent searches, and access saved is a pretty darn convenient way to improve spelling, vocabulary, and knowledge with modern bells and whistles not possible in a traditional book format — voice recognition, daily updates, favorites, and search history.


iHomework is a subscription-based planner app for Mac and iOS that students can use to keep track of homework assignments and stay organized. The tool has a built-in calendar that students can fill with assignments, meetings, and deadlines. Each entry can be tagged and sorted for ease of use. This developer previously created iHomework, a similar but less detailed planner app that is no longer updated or supported, and the earlier version of the app is not compatible with this newer version.

MyScript Calculator

Get math problems solution in real time with the MyScript Calculator. The math solver app from MyScript Interactive Ink that was present in the previous edition. This math app allows the user to hand write the math problem on the app to get better solutions. With scratching out gestures, you can easily erase the unwanted area. MyScript gives the feeling of writing on the paper and solving it over the app.



Noteshelf is an app designed to take written notes on an iPad, but it is so much more than that. It is so perfectly designed, so ingenious, so intuitive that it has to be considered one of the quintessential iPad apps. Noteshelf gets its name from the idea that you create notebooks, and they reside on a bookshelf in a style similar to iBooks. The creation of a notebook is via the New button the the Bookshelf/Noteshelf. Here is where you select the title of the notebook, the cover and and the design of the paper. For example, graph paper, legal paper, etc.


LectureNotes is an excellent handwriting app for Android tablets and is the perfect application for students and teachers interested in serious lecture note-taking. As stated by the creators at Acadoid Developer the app was designed while having a user at university /school in mind. For instance, an educator could easily use LectureNotes for teaching (by writing on the device and projecting the screen content) or a student for crating notebooks, draw and write notes.

Encyclopedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Britannica App for Windows gives mobile users the ability to find information and explore subjects without compromise. Users can feel confident that their answers are accurate and vetted by professional editors and expert contributors.



Evernote is an impressive organizational app for teachers. Its limitless uses range from planning a course to delivering a lesson plan to capturing feedback after class. It allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at school, at home, or on the go. This productivity tool can shift the way kids manage information in school and the way teachers share it. Evernote can be used for creating student portfolios, lesson planning, classroom management, taking minutes of meeting and instruction.

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