Apps to prevent the Summer Slide

 Summer holidays are a welcome break. With camps and holidays – time to play and spend time with family and friends – we hope it is a time for all children to look forward to. But with any extended break from school, it’s important that you schedule time into the weeks for your children to practise those key skills and knowledge that they have been working so hard to master and become confident in, and to prevent the dreaded summer slide!It’s a fact that many children see their progress slip during the long summer break. It’s important for children to have time to re-charge their batteries and spend time with family and friends but it’s also important that they have time to practise consolidating the key skills they are been working on over this last academic year, in order to not slip back in terms of progress.Apps offer a great way of providing portable, interactive and fun learning tools for use at home and on the move. Here are our top tips for using them to help:
1) Reading - Developing independent reading skills is integral for children to being able to access the curriculum. Reading is also something parents can help their children to practise on a daily, or at least regular, basis. There are many great story and reading apps to inspire and delight children, and parents! Check out our best reading apps here – you’re sure to fine some that delight and motivate your readers!
2) Writing – Keeping a holiday journal or diary is a great way to get children writing over the holidays. Why not set a diary challenge for the holidays? Giving your child the option of using a online or app-based diary such as iDiary might be all the motivation they need to become a budding diarist!3) Math – Children work so hard all year on developing key mathematics skills and these do take a hit if they are not practised over the holidays. There are lots of fantastic maths apps that work across all the core areas that children need to master within their given age group. One of the very best is Doodle Maths which, from 10 minutes a day, will help your children to progress their mathematical learning.

4) Best Apps Lists - You’ll get lots of inspiration for fantastic learning apps to use with your kids over the holidays from our top app lists here and there are lots of tips for you to get involved in accelerating your chid’s progress from our blog posts here.

5) Structure – The holidays offer the opportunity for children to explore the world around them, whether that be through playing outside or on trips and activities but providing a structure (or timetable) by way of learning expectations can be particularly helpful in giving you and your child a focus to the days and weeks ahead.

Good luck with helping your family excel in learning over the summer!

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