Apps for wellbeing and mental health

As parents we have a responsibility to promote, encourage and facilitate healthy lifestyle choices. We want our children to be well – from the inside out – and apps can help promote a ‘whole child’ approach to wellbeing, as ever with a digital twist! We hope these Top Apps will be springboard to promote general health and wellbeing for children of all ages:
  1. Relaxation - Childhood is not always as stress-free as we’d like it to be for our kids and their days can be busy, bustling and not always conducive to relaxation. However, children benefit hugely, and learning is improved, if relaxation time is factored in. Children respond brilliantly to mindfulness techniques, visualisation and breathing exercises and it’s a super way to get them re-connecting with themselves. Try DreamyKid app to help your kids (and you!) unwind.
  2. Exercise – We all know that exercise is key to well-being and we also know that children are leading much more sedentary lives, both in and out of school. As parents we have a responsibility to ensure our children are getting exercise and turning to an app might not seem like the obvious answer! Having said that, fitness videos are very effective for adults and of course there are some great apps to promote exercise too. One of the best we’ve found for children of all ages is Head over Heals About Gymnastics, which could get them being just that!
  3. Healthy Eating - Children need to understand good nutrition and be guided to make healthy food choices. They are generally sensible and thoughtful when it comes to their eating habits if they understand the effects of what they consume on their bodies, which is why it’s so important to bring nutritional understanding into their day-to-day. Your kids can learn about healthy eating in a really fun, and totally different way, with Smash Your Food!
  4. Body Awareness – Children love learning about their body: it’s functions, what goes on under the skin and how it changes as they grow and develop. As well as learning about their body from a biological perspective, children need to be taught how (and why) to look after their bodies, keeping them safe and clean. This is My Body draws children into discovering all the fascinating things about their body in an engaging and funny way.
  5. Limiting Technology – There are great benefits to technology: to teach, inspire and motivate but we also know that too much screen time can have a detrimental effect on young people’s health and well-being. With children’s screen time increasing as a trend, we have a responsibility to help them understand about how and why to limit their screen usage. ScreenLimit is a great app for you to do just that!

Have fun promoting wellbeing in your home!

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