Apps to make learning fun

Winston Churchill once said, “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”. I’m sure he would not have said that if he was being taught in your classroom! Joking aside, learning is more effective – and altogether a more enjoyable experience for student and teacher – if fun is factored in. Enjoyment in lessons has a positive effect on motivation levels, impacting what is learnt and how much is retained.

Here are our top apps tips, with app recommendations for a making learning fun (and effective) in your classrooms:

1) Working Together: learning is a social experience and when children learn together they are able to celebrate each others’ successes as well as contributing ideas and developing strategies to progress. When it comes to using apps, there are some super ones that encourage team play and facilitate collaboration. Apps like Operation Math can get students working together on a problem solving activity in a uniquely fun way.

2) Have a Brain Break: As well as lunch and designated breaks – where children get to let off stream in the playground – it’s important that they have some time to unwind in and between lessons. In the same way that we need to move away from the computer to be more productive in the workplace, so children should have opportunities to have a brain break too. That’s where puzzles and word play apps are really useful. Squeebles Word Search is one of the best and Reading Trainer has fun word puzzles for students 7+.

3) Learn Through Story: Learning through a story narrative is one of the most effective ways to retain information, and who doesn’t love a good story?! There are lots of super story apps but two of the best we have reasonably reviewed are Migalolo and Miniwalla.

4) Achievable: Something that children – and teachers – love about learning apps is the ability to learn at the correct pace for the students. Through artificial intelligence and clever algorithms, many apps can measure a student’s progress and present them with learning tasks that are achievable. Doodle Maths give feedback to both teachers and students.

5) Feedback: Students find lessons more enjoyable if their work is appreciated, and viewed by different people. Whether that be: in a classroom or school display, read out to their peers or a copy sent home to their parents. Feedback is so motivational – and fun! Teacher Class123 has super parental feedback features.

Good luck with making learning fun in your classroom!

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