About App Certification

Educational App Store offers certification for educational app developers to make things better for users, and to raise standards across the board. By certifying your app after publishing it to Educational App Store, you give your target users (parents and teachers) the confidence of knowing that Educational App Store has analyzed your app according to a strict set of criteria developed by Professor of Educational Technology Mike Sharples and a group of qualified teachers.

In order to maintain customer confidence, the app will be publicly available on Educational App Store once an app is certified and received 4 or 5 stars.

Today, Educational App Store has more than 130,000 unique users per month and 36,000 registered teachers and parents, making us the largest review and rating website in the UK.

App Certification

What is app certification?

The Educational App Store App Certification Program offers apps that our certified teachers has examined and found to conform to best practices for our target users. Our certified teachers also performs a review of the app’s data privacy policy. Educational App Store does not, in any way, warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness, usefulness, non-infringement of our community or partner developers.

Certification involves requirements for clear developer documentation and support. As a developer, you must be able to commit to the following documentation and support requirements:

  • Provide a link to your data privacy policy for your app.
  • Provide a link to information about the support you provide for your app users (parents and teachers)

What are the requirements for app certification?

Before submitting your app for certification, get valuable feedback with beta testing to make sure it’s ready for your customers. We review every app submitted based on a set of technical, content, and design criteria. As you plan and develop your app, make sure to use the guidelines and resources provided by Apple Store and Google Play Store.

App certification benefits to developers

An independent expert certification of their app i.e. that of a practicing teacher in a UK school. Which benefits a professional developers business from an authenticity and trust perspective, balancing out their existing and future consumer reviews. Also the public repatriation and promotion of that review, which allows other sites/authorities to use snippets in their own search results.

App certification benefits to users

When our users (parents or teachers) download and use certified apps, they can be sure that the app has gone through rigorous development and review processes. They can expect a higher quality app than other, non-certified apps.

Completely independent

The unique thing about App Certification is that we are completely independent. This means we work entirely on behalf of the users, and nobody else – so users can rest assured that they are getting the best educational apps.

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