Amazing Apps for Kids (2021)

In this century that we are living in, not only adults but kids are also addicted to gadgets and they need it like anything.

So, everyone knows that the brain memorizes the pictorial lessons more effectively. Well the trend of gadgets in education for kids is setting a trend. As kids are addicted to gadgets and if they will see education-based stuff they will really like it. Well a program that can be run anywhere even offline, it’s called app. The apps are very hand and very helpful for those mother who cannot give books to their kid because kids don’t like books.

Now mother these days are also working women like they have jobs then they have household works and then they have to teach their kids. For making the task of learning for kids they use apps that are very useful in all aspects.

Since the arrival of apps made learning become easily accessible, which makes it much more interesting for students of all ages? Educational apps now connect the communication gap between not only parents and teachers, but also kids and teachers.

Childhood is very important for learning and because children become smarter and smarter, there is a great need to introduce different and advanced learning means and methods to them.

Education has changed a lot over the last couple of years. Institutional based education is still present in our Country. But there is more focused than ever on learning at home, continuing one’s education, and using the Internet for the glorious information tool that it is.

So here are some of the amazing apps they are very helpful for the education of your kids:

Lightbot Code Hour

This problem-solving app is designed to introduce kids to coding and language that is needed for them. You can guide a cute little robot across a series of square panels. This free game is relatively short, but it’s a lot of fun, even for adults, adults also like it.


Duolingo is one of the best English language apps today and highly recommended for English beginners. The gamified learning system of the app helps you learn English quickly by spending twenty minutes a day. Duolingo structures the lessons that teach you about seven new words based on a topic and skill points being awarded for completing the lessons. The minds behind Duolingo seem to understand that mastering a language is a process. Even after you’ve completed a module, the app will remind you to come back and review after some time because it may have faded from your memory.

The Quick Math

Remember every kid hate math? Yeah, this app is also aimed at making kids familiar with numbers, it helps the student to gain interest in math subject, imparting the general math skills of students in standard 2 to 6. Quick Math’s is the best option for self-improvement and increases kid’s skills to fight with the difficulties and challenges of numbers. This app is available on the App Store.

Space App

Space is launched by THIX is a great sandbox iOS app that lets you create your very own solar system and going through them. Its features are incredible, realistic graphics, and it helps you get an overview on the scope and scale of the universe all in the palm of your hand. Interestingly, it’s a ton of fun to see how various objects interact. I dare you to put two black holes near one another.

Monkey World School Adventure

A kid at home who goes bananas over adventure games? Kids get obsessed with this kind of educational app that teach them all kinds of things likely including spelling, phonics, letters, and more! The best part is all of the jungle-themed animation, which really makes this app feel more like a regular game and very fun.

YouTube Kids

Specially made and curate for kids, Youtube Kids app serve educational videos and entertainment content to inspire and enhance young minds of kids. It is one of the best learning apps for kids out there, as it offers them an easy way to watch their favorite shows. More and more, they can explore anything that attracts and grab their imagination. This app is available for free to use, simple to handle, and offers kids-oriented and family-friendly videos. So now you can enjoy YouTube with your kids without any hesitation.


It is a very interesting learning app for kids and it is in the category ‘virtual classroom learning apps’ it gives you feel like a classroom of the school. This app allows parents, students, and teachers to interact with each other. For instance, students can discuss with their teachers regarding their doubts for lessons and parents can stay up to date with their kid’s progress, this engages kids, as they can get the required attention in order to get a better education.

Swift Playground

If you know how to code that is as important as being fluent in a foreign language these days, and Swift Playgrounds is a great way to get started for your kids. This iOS-exclusive app allows users to learn coding basics with fun and adventure, but challenging, interactive puzzles. No coding knowledge is necessary for this engaging app. You don’t need to know the core language for this app.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a classic app for both iOS and Android too. It is home to travel of expert knowledge on various scientific subjects. Those include math, statistics, physics, and chemistry, among others. If you want to have any Encyclopedia in your hand on the go then you must have this app.


Epic! – Unlimited Books for Kids is a subscription-based ebook service for kids age 2–12. Kids and parents can choose from more than 25,000 books, and they can read them online or offline, on the Web, or on mobile devices. In addition to highly-rated books, this platform also contains a host of educational videos, which helps your kids to understand lessons more easily. Epic! Requires a monthly subscription (/month) for full access to its content. The app allows parents or kids to set their own preferences for the types of books they like to read, topic interests, and age level.

Amazing Apps for Kids
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Amazing Apps for Kids
So here are some of the amazing apps they are very helpful for education of your kids in 2021.
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