How can Teachers use AI to Save Time

How can Teachers use AI to Save Time

How can teachers use AI to save time and increase productivity? From class preparation to critical thinking and reflection, this checklist will help teachers support the ethical and informed use of artificial intelligence tools in the classroom. 

If teachers are to navigate the impacts of AI on the learning process, they must equip themselves and their students with the proper knowledge of its usage, applications, and impacts. Teachers who ignore the time-saving potential of AI tools are really missing out. Read on to find out how teachers can use AI to save time and add creativity to their lessons.

AI Lesson Planning

Why should teachers use AI-based lesson planners?

Our teacher reviewers quickly tried ChatGPT to see how it could help prepare lesson plans. They found it could do it very well, but learning how to prompt it to get the best results was a time-sink. As the AI evolved, prompts that once worked became less effective.

Dedicated lesson planning apps, like Learnt.AI, put a wrapper around ChatGPT so you don't have to be an AI prompt engineer or keep up with the AI's new methods. They ask you for the relevant information and prompt the AI for you. The results are excellent.

The quality of these AI wrappers varies considerably. Some do little more than plain ChatGPT, while others simplify the whole lesson and resource creation process with micro tools dedicated to specific tasks and output. Make sure you read our AI tools reviews before committing your time and money.

How will AI-based text-to-speech speed up lesson and resource creation?

You know your task. You know your audience. Still, the details won't come to mind. The minutes spent trying to kick off a lesson plan mount up. What if your computer could start you off?

Taking an existing lesson plan and hammering it into a shape that fits your class is much easier than starting from scratch. There have been times when I've done this, and the final lesson included nothing of the original, but it was building on that first plan (in the past one, from a colleague) that sparked the ideas for the delivered lesson.

With AI tools, you get an even more relevant starting point because you can tell it to create a lesson or resource to meet your requirements, such as lesson length, specific topic, student abilities and more.

AI Course Creation

Why should teachers use AI-based course creation tools?

Formative assessment helps us understand what we need to do to help kids progress and overcome difficulties, but the time it takes to create that support can undermine achieving the objective. Teachers are also responsible for helping grow their colleagues' knowledge base, such as aiding classroom assistants understand how best to support learners.

Creating these courses takes a lot of time, either leading to a lack of responsiveness to student needs or taking time away from providing kids with direct support.

How will AI-based course creation tools help teachers?

Our teacher reviewers certified Coursebox.AI and found that it did a fantastic job creating courses on any subject they asked. As with lesson planning AI, they didn't always take the AI's creation without modification, but refining the existing structure sped up the whole process.

Produce a mini-course on learning to add fractions that a classroom assistant could use to provide targeted support. If you want to level up your colleagues' knowledge as part of their professional development, use Coursebox.AI to provide the structure.

AI Resource Creation

Why should teachers use AI tools to create written resources?

Teachers constantly shift information from one form to another to create teaching and learning resources. AI is ideal for this. You can use AI to generate and refine your starting point, ensure accuracy, and then get the AI to turn it into resources for different times and purposes. Simple instructions given to the right AI tools can create revision aids, scripts for your teaching videos, and practice exercises in a fraction of the time you can do it.

How will AI-based tools speed up the creation of written resources?

AI can turn one piece of text into bullet-pointed notes, convert it into ever-helpful flashcards, create quizzes, or turn it into a comprehension exercise — in minutes. The AI can typically do this without you providing a starting point, but you can refine the process by giving it your existing notes or useful articles. You can use the time you save in creating these resources to add more creativity to your classroom time. See our tips on using AI to run a quiz in your classroom.

We found Mindgrasp AI to be especially good at this type of task.

AI Research and Learning

Why should teachers use AI to speed up their professional development and learning?

Our colleagues in higher education sometimes have research assistants to help gather information for courses, lectures, and professional contributions. Generative AI gives teachers in all phases of education an information collection and preparation assistant.

How can AI speed up teachers' research and learning?

Perhaps the information you find on a topic is too complex for your kids. Ask AI to summarise and represent it. Maybe you've found a video that includes the information you need, but while videos are great, they make it difficult to extract and summarise the information quickly. Ask AI to take the information from a YouTube video and summarise it.

We found Merlin.AI to be a great AI-based assistant with a lot to offer teachers. Teachers are often learners, too. Whether you want to take your educator credentials higher or learn more about your subject, you'll do so at a level where using academic papers is necessary.

Finding and absorbing the best papers is time-consuming, especially when combined with your day job. We've recently reviewed an AI-based app to help researchers, teachers and academics work more efficiently with academic papers. Our teacher reviewer is still testing the app but has indicated that it looks like a five-star app, so check back to find its eventual rating.

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