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Comparing AI Lesson Planner Apps

To help teachers evaluate AI Based Lesson Planning apps, our teacher reviewers defined key points of comparison. They assessed how each AI Based Lesson Planning app we have certified performed within each measurement.

Apps compared: Review

ailessonplanner Review

Ease of Use and Accessibility.

  • AI Lesson Planner has a straightforward interface within a downloadable app that quickly generates lesson plans and activities.
  • LearntAI, on the other hand, offers a variety of tools through a web app, each requiring specific information but designed to be user-friendly.

Content Generation and Customization

  • AI Lesson Planner generates detailed lesson plans tailored to teaching standards, including objectives, materials, and activities with estimated durations.
  • LearntAI provides a wide range of tools, including lesson plan builders, creative writing prompts, and educational game ideas, offering more diverse content creation options.

Pricing and Accessibility

  • AI Lesson Planner is affordable at $1.99 for full access with no ads, but lacks a free trial.
  • LearntAI offers a free tier with access to 10 popular tools and a paid subscription for additional features, making it accessible for teachers who want to try before they buy.

Suitability for Different Users

  • While AI Lesson Planner targets teachers and homeschooling parents, it's appropriate for users aged 17+, focusing on those aged 20-65.
  • LearntAI is designed for adult educators, but its output is adaptable for students of any age, making it versatile for different educational settings.

Feature Set and Variety

  • AI Lesson Planner is highly focused on lesson planning, offering comprehensive plans with clear structure and time management.
  • LearntAI, with over 50 tools, provides a broader range of features, catering to various aspects of content creation and lesson development.

Time-Saving and Efficiency

  • AI Lesson Planner allows for quick lesson planning
  • LearntAI's diverse tools assist in different aspects of teaching, from content creation to proofreading.

Adaptability and Learning Support

  • AI Lesson Planner adapts to individual learning styles and preferences, offering valuable insights for teaching strategies.
  • LearntAI, with its varied tools, supports creativity and inspiration, potentially enhancing teaching methods and content delivery.

Privacy and Safety

Note that these comments apply to the app itself. These apps will use an underlying AI engine known as an LLM, such as ChatGPT or Claude.AI, which can store and use any data for future training.

  • AI Lesson Planner has a standard privacy policy and does not collect user data.
  • LearntAI also ensures privacy with no advertisements, even in its free tier.

Improvement and Development

  • AI Lesson Planner could enhance the user experience by organising lesson plans into folders and adding features like read-aloud.
  • LearntAI could improve by reducing the AI processing time, although it's still efficient.

Overall Impact on Teaching and Learning

Both apps promise to enhance the teaching and learning experience by reducing the time spent on lesson planning and content creation, allowing educators to focus more on interactive and personalised teaching.

AI Lesson Planner is highly efficient and cost-effective for detailed lesson planning, especially suited for standards-aligned teaching. LearntAI, with its broader range of tools and free tier option, offers greater versatility and support for creative and diverse educational content creation.

Both apps achieved five stars in our app certification, so either will serve you well. The key points of distinction are price and features set. With AI Lesson Planner app winning on price, but Learnt.AI winning on the feature set.

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