Accelerating Change in Education Technology Policy


“Change is the only constant.”

The age old adage has been a punctual reminder that we are constantly in evolution as people and as a society.

This is no big secret – from the printing press to the advent of digital technology, the world as it was 20 or even 10 years ago is vastly different to what it is now.

Change, along with death and taxes, is a fact of life.

However, change has to be pertinent and progressive – that is, change just for the sake of changing is no solution to the attainment of innovation.


This is a part of the problem being faced in education technology and educational apps. Not only is change occurring with a lot of doubt as to it’s direction, but the RATE of change or how quickly change is coming for the industry is out of sync with the development of education and schools.


At the Tech in Policy briefing in July, the topic of education technology governance was discussed. The following points are thoughts on ways to speed up education technology policy changes that are applicable to everyone with a stake in the innovation of educational apps and technology in learning:

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