8 Best Classroom Tools for Teachers

With countless online resources, technology can help improve teaching. Teachers can use different apps or trusted online resources to enhance the traditional ways of teaching and to keep students more engaged. Virtual lesson plans, grading software and online assessments can help teachers save a lot of time.

A variety of tools can be used in the classroom to support student learning, ranging from traditional to high-tech options. Examples include the whiteboard, index cards, posters, audience response systems (e.g. clicker technology), Google collaboration tools, 3D printing, and wikis. Educators have become proficient with their favourite classroom apps and are getting more creative with using them to achieve teaching goals.

Although you can’t obtain these personal attributes effortlessly, you can source technology that can help you on your way to success. Here we have some of the best resources, platforms and software that will help you manage your online course and achieve – read on!

Google Calendar

Simple tools like Google Calendar will also help you to manage your deadlines and stay on, pardon the pun, course. One of the biggest challenges of distance learning is being disciplined enough to work in your spare time and not fall behind. Using a digital calendar like the free one offered by Google is really effective. This is because it can sync with other applications to make sure you get reminders of important deadlines and self-set tasks to be completed.

Just Press Record

When you want to take notes quickly for future reference, there is one application that trumps them all. Just Press Record allows users to record their spoken notes as reading learning materials. But don’t most smartphones have this feature as well? That’s true – but smartphones will not transcribe those notes for you as well! That’s right – Just Press Record will not only record your notes, but it will even transcribe them for you as well. This saves you precious time and prevents you from having to fill up a file with cluttered notes.


Trello is a project management system which allows you to create lists. These lists represent different stages of a project and you can then make cards – just like cards from a deck – to signify tasks. When completing an online course, you may want to make cards for researching, writing, proofreading and more. This will allow you to create a visual funnel for how your workload moves along in the process towards completion. It also helps you stay on track.

Tomato Timer

Another fantastic app to equip yourself once enrolled on an e-learning course is Tomato Timer. Everyone suffers from bouts of procrastination, but when this lack of motivation and a longing for Netflix come around, you can turn to Tomato Timer for help. This app will structure working sessions for you so you work to a strict schedule. It will give you a certain number of minutes to work hard, and then let you know when it is time to take a deserved break.


Socrative is an interactive web-based student-response system (also available through iOS, Android, or Chrome apps) that can help teachers spark conversation and learning through user-created polls and quizzes. Students access questions via a Room Code, and answers register immediately on the teacher’s computer as the students submit their responses on almost any device. When everyone has responded, teachers can display the results using the “How did we do?” button. Teachers can create quizzes, quick questions, and exit slips that allow for multiple-choice, true/false, and one-sentence-response questions that can be graded with feedback for each student.


Quizlet provides a platform for students and teachers to create and share their own learning materials, including flashcards and diagrams. Quizlet Live is the free in-class quiz game, produced by Quizlet, that can then bring these learning materials to life. In this engaging and interactive game, students must all contribute, stay focused and communicate well to win. Quizlet consistently receives excellent reviews and is a great way to bring study notes into the 21st century.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a website, Android, and iOS app that serves to help manage workflow and communication between teachers and students. When teachers log in, they have a section for each of their classes. Each class can be given a colour and different banner to help teachers and students differentiate between multiple classes, should they have more than one. The teacher and student dashboards are very similar: Recent assignments, announcements, and discussions show up in a “stream,” similar to a blog.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is an online classroom management platform where teachers can record and track student behaviour, facilitate classroom activities, curate student portfolios, and communicate with parents. Student sign-in is simple with a QR code, link, or Google account. From the teacher dashboard, teachers can create original activities or use the toolkit to post class announcements, conduct warm-ups, create random groups, and more. Depending on how they choose to set things up, teachers can share information privately or publicly, often displayed to the class on a screen or interactive whiteboard.

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