8 Apps for Students That Help To Prepare For Exam

After many weeks of researching and writing academic papers, it is always that time students sat for examinations. However, moments like these can be your biggest undoing if you haven’t been serious with day to day classroom activities. For example, did you take useful notes during lectures to aid your revision for exams? Is your memory sharp enough to recall every detail of a concept your teacher taught a few weeks or months ago?

Well, this post walks you through study apps from which you can choose the best for exam preparation, so keep reading to learn more. But, first things first…

Ask Important Questions about the most useful Apps

The truth is that even with a photographic memory and all school fees cleared, exams present a different challenge to students. It could get worse if there are no multiple choice questions. In any case, practical exams that are more often than not a manifest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, can throw you off balance without adequate preparations.

Therefore, the big question is this: apart from relying on a good paper writing service online to do your college essays, custom thesis, lab reports, et cetera, is there an easy way out when it comes to preparing for exams? Well, paper writing helpers for hire are everywhere these days, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many custom essay agencies have mobile and computer applications that make it possible for students to order and pay for the papers. But, when it comes to examinations, you wouldn’t be allowed to use any of such, save for a learning gadget such as a calculator.

Why students apps for exams?

Now that education is becoming inclined to technology, hence more productive than ever, students are walking a tight rope of choosing from among competing study apps. From exam study planners that rival Google Calendar, reading apps to sleep timers, it is always going to be about making the best decision right from the start. College apps come in different shapes, and their functionalities can be mind-boggling at times.

However, the most important reasons for having one, two or more installed in your smartphone/computer include the following:

  • Just like paper writing services are accessible anywhere, study applications make it possible for students to read and take notes at any time and place.
  • Easy time and task management is now easy with a decent application, especially for students who are getting ready for exams.
  • You can also use a good app to access online subject/topic tutorials and even download the same for later use.
  • If you have always preferred group discussions to solo studying, especially when exams are around the corner, you can also choose from hundreds of collaboration applications for students and make the experience worthwhile and productive.

Top selected applications students can use to prepare for exams

Thus far, let’s explore some applications we believe will make your study experience easy and fun. Take a look.

1) Evernote

It is time to put away flip cards and embrace a digital option. Evernote helps you create memos, clip photos, audio files and more for easy access. The good news is that you can choose from wide-ranging formats to make it fun. It is an exceptional way of pinning important classroom notes.

2) Google Drive

Sometimes computers can be unreliable, and without any backup storage, you would be counting losses of files. However, with Google Drive as your file backup, everything is accessible online, anywhere and anytime. Provisions for offline use and collaboration make it one of the best study apps today.

3) Tide

Focus can be difficult to sustain, especially when sledging through logarithmic equations in preparation for exams. With Tide, however, you get to listen to background music to enhance focus throughout a study session.  You can also use it to schedule tasks and plan breaks in between.

4) Forest

Forest is an application that keeps you focused on studies. It works in a simple way. Once you open the application, plan a tree and set a timer (say two hours during which you will be revising for a paper).  It means you won’t be able to access other features in your phone such as login into the Facebook app as doing so means your tree forest dies.=

5) Todait

Finding a good study planner is not always going to be easy. It’s not always just about using Paperial to do your assignment. You should think about something that could very well replace Trello. With many pay for college papers applications from which to choose the best, writing your college assignments is not going to be a problem.

However, study goals would mean you install Todait and get going the right way. It features auto-functionality features that adjust help you come up with a proper study plan.  Moreover, it also tracks progress, and in the end, gives you weekly/monthly progress stats.

6) My Study Life

My Study Life is a calendar app that is suitable for high school, college and university students. With it, you can create and assign tasks, set reminders and come up with befitting study timelines.  It goes for a great alternative to Google Calendar.

7) StudyBlue

With an app like study Blue, you can create a digital version of classroom study materials and notes. Just upload and go right ahead into making electronic flashcards, quizzes and more. Do not forget to share with classmates and friends.

8) Loop

Are you struggling with habits that eat into your study time such as spending a lot of time on social media? Loop can help you keep track of your goals and studies. Set reminders and focus on the most important things and avoid the temptation of watching movies when exams are a few days away.

Exams can be a major cause for worry. It is always the case. However, with a good App that helps boost focus during studies, tracks and evaluates progress, there is nothing you can’t do to better your grades at the end of a school term.

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