7 Best Project Management Apps for 2018

Whether you’re a working project manager or a student who aspires to become a project manager, there are apps that can help you organize your projects to maximize efficiency. The following list introduces you to 7 of the top-recommended project management apps you’ll want to know about:

1. Instagantt

Project managers often turn to Gantt charts when they need to clearly and easily communicate a task list and its corresponding timeline to their team members. One hallmark of a usable project management app is that it needs to have some way of prominently incorporating Gantt charts into the system. This objective is a primary focus of the Instagantt web app. There’s a standalone version of Instagantt and a version that integrates with Asana, which is the next app on our list.

2. Asana Mobile Apps

Android and iOS mobile apps are available for Asana’s popular project management software. Asana eliminates the need for switching between bunches of different tools to keep your projects organized. It accomplishes this feat, in part, by integrating with 100+ other software products including Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Zapier and TimeCamp.

Some of the world’s top project management experts recommend Asana. Australia’s Southern Cross University, which offers a highly-regarded online Master of Project Management degree program, includes Asana on the list of project management tools their staff recommends for success. Northeastern University’s Tamar Shulsinger also recommends Asana on her list of 6 project management apps to help you meet your goals. Northeastern offers both a Master of Project Management degree and a project management certificate.

3. The OrangeScrum Mobile App

OrangeScrum is a customizable and versatile project management system that integrates with Slack, Dropbox and Google Drive. Features include easy marking of billable hours; invoice generation capabilities; task labeling, categorization and allocation; and more. A free trial is available.

4. Jira for Agile Project Management

A software industry specific platform is helpful for Agile project development. Jira delivers that with a software product that incorporates 3,000+ apps and integrates with Bitbucket, GitHub, Kanban, iOS and Android. Features include the ability to view formatted code with syntax highlighting in 32+ current coding languages; divide support tickets into multiple tasks; use sprint permissions and more. A free trial of Jira is available.

5. Zoho Mobile Apps

The Zoho platform encompasses more than just project management software. It also includes customer relationship management (CRM), IT management, event planning, accounting and email. Zoho offers 40+ integrations including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft Projects, MS Excel, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, Github, Bitbucket, Slack and Zapier. Zoho could be a good solution for companies that want to organize all their functionality in one place and are willing to trust a third party with providing the organizational platform.

6. Wrike Mobile Apps

The Wrike platform is noteworthy for its simplicity. It is a cloud-based collaboration and project management system offering bunches of useful features as well as iPhone and Android mobile apps. Wrike features time tracking options, support for Gantt charts, sprint tasks and more. One of Wrike’s biggest time-savers is the ability to quickly transform an email into a task.

Integrations are available for multiple popular platforms including WordPress, Zendesk, Salesforce, Github, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zapier, Jira and many others. It’s able to interface with popular storage solutions such as Dropbox, Box and OneDrive. Microsoft products such as Outlook, MS Project and Excel are also supported, as are Google products including Gmail, Google Drive and Google Sheets.

Bloggers will appreciate a feature that allows easy transformation of Wrike tasks into WordPress blog post drafts.

Wrike makes a free version available for small teams of up to 5 users. They also offer a free trial for larger teams, which is accessible from their pricing page.

7. LiquidPlanner Mobile Apps

LiquidPlanner’s mobile apps are designed to help you manage your IT projects remotely. Both Android and iOS versions are available. The LiquidPlanner platform allows you to track both time and budgetary aspects of your project, including both billable and non-billable costs. Advanced analytics capabilities are incorporated into the software. A free trial of LiquidPlanner is available.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to keep your team on task using email alone; it’s an inefficient and outdated approach to keeping collaborative projects moving forward. Any of these 7 project management apps would be an excellent alternative for helping to keep your team engaged and informed as you work to complete your projects. While these apps won’t manage your projects for you, they’ll make your project management role much easier.

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