5 Tips to Power-Up Your Classroom Presentations

Visual presentations come in handy while in a classroom. You need to keep the attention of your audience while providing education. The hard part – your audience likely doesn’t have the attention span that you would hope for. Other classroom presentations often are for parent visits. When you have those, you’ll need to change your strategy to present in a way that’s more appropriate for the parents.

No matter who your audience is, you want to have a presentation that is engaging and entertaining, all while being informative. The five tips below can help you achieve that goal.

Use Design Programs

No one says you have to be entirely on your own when making a presentation. There are many design programs available on the internet (and many of them are free to use).

Create presentations through these programs to help you with the visual element of it. All you have to do, then, is add in the knowledge portion.

Don’t Be Shy on Slides

There’s no rule that says you can only use a certain number of slides (unless your project specifies, of course). So, don’t be shy about how many you use.

This isn’t to say you use hundreds of slides for a five-minute presentation. Instead, it means to use however many you need to keep your presentation a success. Trying to cram too much information into one slide can make it difficult to follow.

Reduce the Noise – Keep it Simple

Although it’s tempting to add footers and headers, even page numbers to your presentation, all it’s doing is taking up space. Keep things simple.

A cluttered presentation is hard to follow. So, if your audience has to look through all the extra fluff to get to the point, you’ll have a hard time keeping their attention.

Make Things Visible

Along the lines of reducing the noise, you need to make your main points visible. They should pop out against everything else on the slide.

The best way to do this – make the letters BIG. Increase the font size, underline words, make them bold, even change the color of whatever it is you want to stand out. The bigger you can make it (without it looking ridiculous), the easier it will be to get your point across.

Consider Adding Transitions

Although this isn’t a necessity, it is another element to incorporate to help make your presentation that much better and to keep the viewers focus.

Have you heard of the phenomenon of change blindness? That is when the viewer doesn’t notice that something has changed or moved. Something like this can happen with visual presentations. If you have similar slides with no transitions, your audience may not notice that you’ve moved on.

Prevent that from happening by adding basic transitions. They don’t need to be dramatic. Even a quick dissolve in the next slide could be enough to signal to the brain to pay attention.

There you have it – five simple tips for creating a visual presentation that can take it to the next level. It’s hard to keep everyone’s attention during presentations. By experimenting and getting creative, you can come up with your own unique way of presenting information engagingly.

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