5 Grammar Tips and Apps for Children

5 Grammar Tips and Apps for Children

Grammar is the basis of all written and spoken English. There are many aspects to learning English grammar and – of course – many exceptions to the rules.

Grammar is a really important sentence and text-level aspect of the writing processes and one that can cause much confusion and frustration unless practised and revised – often! So helping your students or kids get great at grammar – and giving them plenty of opportunities to practise – is important in helping them become proficient writers.

Grammar is something that needs to be taught and is something that needs to be continually put into practice and apps can offer a really great, and interactive way, to practise a topic which – can otherwise – be a bit of gruelling!

Here are our top tips for getting kids to apply their grammar learning to their writing in your classroom or home:

1) Grammar Should be Great…Fun

When grammar is presented in a fun and interactive way, it becomes a really fun part of English language learning, rather than something we (as adults) might have found rather boring and dry! Apps are the perfect way to bring grammar to life and to provide students with an alternative, fun and results-driven resource. One of the most fun grammar apps we have found is Grammaropolis with its quirky characters and interactive quizzes. It’s suitable for kids from 7-14 yrs.

2) Perfecting Prepositions

Prepositions are short words which are usually used in front of nouns or pronouns to describe the relationship between the noun or pronoun and the rest of the words in the sentence. They can describe the position (e.g. the bag is beside the sofa); time (e.g. he arrived after me) or the way in which something happened (e.g. we went by car). Try Prepositions of Place for Kids (Android) or Prepositions by Teach Speech Apps (iOS) as a good introduction or revision of this topic.

3) Don’t Let Comas Drive you Crazy

Comas are one of the hardest pieces of punctuation to master and can alter the meaning of a sentence. Students often either use too many or not enough!  Get your students to practise constructing and connecting their sentences, and using commas correctly, with Killer SAT Grammar. It’s suitable for revising both US and UK written English.

4) Don’t get in a Tangle with (verb) Tenses

One of the most common areas of English language difficulty is verb tenses, with students often mixing up past, present and future tenses within one piece of text. InTense app offers a great way for kids aged 5-11 to master verb tenses through combining a verb tense language tool with a carnival-themed video game set in the past, present and future.

5) Practice Core Skills

When it comes to great English language grammar, practice makes perfect! A lot of the key grammar rules need to learn, and then practised, practised and practised some more! One of the best apps we have come across for practising and revising the core skills of grammar is the Grow Grammar app. It helps children learn about the structure of sentences and how to construct and deconstruct them, as well as revising grammar rules.

Have fun with getting grammar great in your classroom or home!

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