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Best Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary games provide real-world context as it helps users to understand the words by knowing the backgrounds and specific scenarios where the words are used. Vocabulary Games can be played both in individual and group games, as the user would provide series of questions, for which the answer is specific word.

Through fun games, you'll learn new words, practice using them, and increase your confidence and effectiveness as a communicator. All it takes is just a few minutes of play every day.

Learning new words is fun with vocabulary games. Vocabulary building games are a great way to help users learn the building blocks of a strong vocabulary. Vocabulary building games are wonderful for encouraging speaking, listening, reading and thinking skills in English classrooms.

Here is the list of games to improve vocabulary in an effective and fun way.

1. is a popular vocabulary building game that helps you learn new words via short quizzes and games. You can learn new words in very less time. You can search for words and get a very friendly explanation of particular words. This way you will become confident enough to use these words in your daily life.

This app is for anyone wanting to expand their vocabulary, and it’s particularly useful for game-based learners who learn best through competition or with visual aids. allows you to create your own lists, track your achievements, and prepare for exams.

2. WordUp

In this WordUp game, you will be able to increase and build their vocabulary by learning new words. Users will be able to enjoy this interesting game by practicing pronunciation of difficult words. This easy and fun game helps users build their vocabulary through some vocabulary building activities which will assist you to teach you new words.

Another unique approach used in WordUp is the app’s focus on 20,000 most commonly used words, sorted in order of how useful each word is. Learning the most useful words first encourages learners to use those words in everyday conversations and situations.

WordUp also employs the principles of “spaced repetition” to aid retention. Every new word you learn is repeated a day, a week, a month and six months later.

3. Words with Friends

This game is fast-paced and a fun way to test vocabulary knowledge. It also encourages peer learning, as students will pick up on words they hear others speaking. You can look up friends through their usernames or through Facebook. Furthermore, you can use a smart match; the app randomly assigns an opponent. You can also find potential opponents through community match. Features of this app include:

Most of the vocabulary building apps for adults are in the form of applications. This can sometimes be boring. Those who want something different should definitely take a look at Words With Friends 2, the best app to learn advanced English vocabulary. The idea of Words With Friends is to add a fun element to multiple educational mobile apps that can make learning quicker. A game that gives friends the ability to compete against each other. Get students talking and moving with this fun vocabulary building game.

4. Magoosh Vocabulary builder

This vocabulary building game helps you to improve your vocabulary and prepare for exams like GRE (Graduate Record Examination). You can quiz yourself every single day to learn the most critical words on the GRE test. This app helps you improve your vocabulary anywhere at any time. Furthermore, you can create a Magoosh account and save your progress online.

Having fun when learning certainly encourages students to spend more time learning; that is why Magoosh Vocabulary Builder uses a gaming approach. Users can either compete on their own to unlock new words (and worlds) or they can battle against each other to see who knows the definitions of new words best. Progress tracking is available too.

Magoosh’s vocabulary app is ideal for students on the go that may have just a few minutes at a time to learn new words. Test prep experts carefully chose 1200 words most likely to feature in the test.

5. Memrise

Memrise is considered a language learning platform, it is better to enhance your English vocabulary since each language is taught from scratch.

Memrise ensures to cover all aspects of learning and improving English by giving self-tests, fun games, and native speakers expressing their thoughts in English.

You basically get an insightful learning experience from Memrise. Plus, Memrise claims that the learning techniques used are backed up by science.

In fact, you get guaranteed immersive learning in Memrise, which means Memrise will not highlight you about the words but easily help you grasp the usage of new vocabulary.

6. Elevate

With daily reminders to help you build good habits, Elevate is a self-improvement app focused on teaching you strong vocab skills.

Designed by experts and backed by independent analysis, Elevate's vocabulary games deliver real results: 90% of members report improved vocabulary. You'll practice using new words with confidence, track your progress as you learn, and deepen your understanding of language.

The Elevate app makes improving your vocabulary easy. With 40+ games designed to improve reading and memory, Elevate is a worthwhile investment for any adult trying to learn new words.

7. 7 Little Words

7 Little Words is an instant puzzle game that lets you group multiple letters to form the desired word. You can basically get a gaming experience while also learning how to rearrange jumbled words altogether. Don’t worry. You will get hints and clues too!

Along with daily puzzles for vocabulary learning, you will also get the chance to learn other languages like Spanish and French. Plus, 7 little words has integrated subjects like Science and Social Studies to learn universal words via education.

8. Vocabador

Vocabador is primarily aimed at students studying for their SAT or GRE tests. Using flashcards, just more than 400 words are presented in a very well-designed manner: on one side of the flashcard, the word is displayed and an option to hear its pronunciation and an option to flag or unflag the word.

Vocabador uses a gaming approach, with wrestling as its theme. Words are divided into three categories: lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. Once you are ready to test your own prowess, you can enter into a wrestling tournament with twelve other wrestles to beat. Every match will test you on 36 different words. Once you have defeated all the wrestlers, you can take on the Vocabador for the title of Grand Champion!

9. Word of the Day

An engaging app with game options and helpful definitions and examples. As the name implies, the free version is limited to one word a day, but with Premium you can learn up to 3,650 a year. The app’s curated learning also helps to enhance cognitive performance and memorization.

Word of the Day app takes a simple concept and elevates it for the word-enthusiast. With Word of the Day, you can boost your vocabulary in under a minute by learning new and interesting words.

10. PowerVocab Word Game

PowerVocab is a simple English vocabulary builder game with questions to build a strong vocabulary. It is a handy dictionary of tough words. You can search any word, and this app will provide you detailed definition with example sentences of that word. Moreover, it gives the pronunciation of words.

You should have decent and practical communication skills. It will benefit you professionally and personally as well. To enhance your communication skills, enrich yourself with a vast vocabulary. Therefore, you will be able to use words with greater accuracy. Groom and benefit yourself from the above-mentioned apps.

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