5 Best Vocabulary Games and Apps

We live in a society where people judge us on our outward appearance and the way we speak. You can easily change your appearance; all you need to do is shop and improve your gait. Refining your communication skills can help you groom yourself regardless of your age. If you are a parent, you can learn and improve yourself without worrying about your kid’s social activities. As such, you can now monitor Facebook messages of your kid through KidSecured. The utmost communication skill to have is a useful vocabulary. Following are some apps that can help you boost your vocabulary in an effective and rather fun way:


You can learn new words in very less time. You can search for words and get a very friendly explanation of particular words. This way you will become confident enough to use these words in your daily life. Some of the advantages of this app are as follows:

  • Once you start using this app, it figures out which words you know and which ones you need help with.
  • This app lets you practice the tough words until you master them.
  • This app prioritizes the words you want to focus on.
  • With you improving, the words become more advanced.
  • This app includes progress-monitoring tools; you can quickly look back and check how far you have come.
  • You can also compete with other users.

Words with Friends

It is a multiplayer word game. You can look up friends through their usernames or through Facebook. Furthermore, you can use a smart match; the app randomly assigns an opponent. You can also find potential opponents through community match. Features of this app include:

  • It is also available on Facebook.
  • You can also chat with your opponents, this way you can interact with new people as well.
  • It enhances your vocabulary and spelling skills as well.

A Word A Day Widget

It is a handy app. You can install this widget on your home screen. Every day you can learn a new and exciting word. It appears on your home screen. It also provides the definition of the word with some example sentences so; you can easily get familiar with new words each day, and you will know how to use them in your daily life as well. Moreover, you can also browse your entire history. It is the fastest and easiest way to learn words.

Magoosh Vocabulary builder

This app helps you improve your vocabulary and prepare for exams like GRE (Graduate Record Examination). You can quiz yourself every single day to learn the most critical words on the GRE test. This app helps you improve your vocabulary anywhere at any time. Furthermore, you can create a Magoosh account and save your progress online.

PowerVocab Word Game

PowerVocab is a top-rated word game to build a strong vocabulary. It is a handy dictionary of tough words. You can search any word, and this app will provide you detailed definition with example sentences of that word. Moreover, it gives the pronunciation of words.

You should have decent and practical communication skills. It will benefit you professionally and personally as well. To enhance your communication skills, enrich yourself with a vast vocabulary. Therefore, you will be able to use words with greater accuracy. Groom and benefit yourself from the above-mentioned apps.

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