5 Best Smartphone Apps to Train Your Brain

The most common concept is smartphone’s apps are making us numb and blunt. But there are some best free brain training apps which are doing things otherwise. This app helps you to sharpen your memory by using various sets of mini-games that will assist you to test your long & short term memory, math skills, patience and creating focus. Some apps come with interactive graphs which might help you to keep track of your improvement over a specific time period.

If you are thinking about how to sharpen your mind during your leisure time, then these are the five best training apps available for iOS and Android to help you make a constructive decision.

1.      Lumosity

If you are thinking about installing an original brain training app in your device, then Lumosity is the one for you. It is downloaded by 90 million users across the globe. When you will download the app, it will pursue you to give a ‘Fit Test’ to determine the base score for the remaining course line of the app. If you need help with assignment or having trouble concentrating in your analytical problems this app is the right tool for you to improve your memory, attention to details and processing speeds.

This is designed with the help of more than 100 researchers worldwide studied the human brain’s functionality. In the brain workout section, a user has to play three minigames each will focus on the cognitive functions. ‘Train Thought’ will help you to focus on detailed attention, although it might make you frustrated some times. The free version of this app is available in both ios and android. You can also upgrade to premium version spending $11.99/month or $59.99/year.

2.      Peak

The Peak is the most organized brain training apps available in the market. It has more than 40 mind games which will help you develop memory, attention, problem-solving ability, mental alertness, language, creativity, and EQ.

This app has a built-in personal trainer named ‘Coach’ which will assist you to do the right work at the right time. If you help with your assignment or getting trouble focusing on your study then this might be the app for you. The creators of Peak have recommended using the app at least 3 days per week. Its cognitive performance is very easy to track, it provides data on all the overall performance is a simple manner which also allows you to compete with friends by comparing your brain maps and gaming performance. The free version of this app is available in both ios and android. You can also upgrade to premium version spending $4.99/month or $34.99/year.

3.      Elevate

Elevate is designed with more than 40 minigames which is an excellent way to boost your math and English speaking skills.

Elevate is considered as the strong competitors of Peak. This learning app will pursue you to log in regularly and help to track your improvement streaks. It will develop you in the five core areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and mathematics. You can also compare your results with the other users of the same age groups. It will give you more adult feelings comparing to other brain training apps. The user interface of this app gives more serious vibes and less colorful illustration. Each game will help you to find the required assignment help for your course works also. The paid version of this app requires the same pricing of Peak, $4.99/month and $39.99/year.

4.      Fit Brains

Fit Brains is the product form Rosetta stone, commonly known for their online language courses. It is the perfect app that can stimulate your cognitive and emotional intelligence. This provides you more than 60 minigames and approx. 500 training programs. Some games will help you to develop six major areas of your brain such as- memory, thinking speed, concentration, problem-solving ability, language, and visual sharpness. It will also help you to enrich four core areas of emotional intelligence self-control, self-awareness, social awareness, and social skills.

Unlike other apps, it has a school edition specially designed to develop the cognitive functions of the school children. You can also log in from the website by using your user name and carry out the game where you left it over. To unlock its full feature premium version will cost $7.99/month and $49.99/year.

5.      Cognifit

Cognifit is the most perfect app not only to develop your mental sharpness but also will help you to find out your risk of suffering from mental illness. It is designed to develop and train more than 20 skills including, short-term memory, planning, hand-eye coordination, and acoustic sensitivity.

The most important part of this app is, all the brain training apps are fully approved by scientists from the University of Washington and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. It has a wide range of challenges and puzzles to develop your concentration, critical reasoning, planning, and mental development skills. This can be used as a rehabilitation app for the people suffering in mental condition, insomnia, dementia ADHD and dyslexia. This app will cost $19.99/month and $189.99/year. Free versions are also available for iOS and Android.

Finally, to wrap things up, all the apps are the combinations of some mini-games and puzzles which help you to test the various level of your mental skills. Premium features surely depend on the prices you are willing to pay. But, it is worth spending as several studies show that this app really helps people to develop their brain’s functionalities. These will definitely help you to build a link between your un-functional brain cells and your positive approach to the new tasks. It is wiser to spend more time in these apps rather than playing some unconstructive games.

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