5 Best Resume Builder Apps

Trying to land that dream job can sometimes seem like an uphill task, which is why we often need all the help we can get. Many recruiters rely on automation or the upcoming blockchain resumes when venting applications. This makes it important that your resume meets the standards required at an international level.

Two phrases are common with job seekers “How can I find resume writing services near me?” and “What apps can I use in writing my resume?”. Based on the latter, resume writing apps don’t just save you the stress of having to write your CV from scratch but also help improve the quality as well. These apps provide users with multiple unique templates from which they can use to make their CV appear more professional.

Factors to consider when selecting apps for writing your resume

Affordability – It should be free or inexpensive.

User Interface – The software shouldn’t be complex or require extensive knowledge of similar apps to use.

Features – It should provide you with basic features such a download, share, and print functions.

Template options – It should provide an expansive array of template options. These should be easily customizable and have eye-catching designs.

Reputation – Just as back in college before students opted for an essay service, they often relied on reviews such as essayvikings reviews to guide their decisions. The same scenario applies when selecting apps for resume writing. Read through its reviews, as it should be popular among its users.

Here are the top 5 resume apps to assist you when job hunting.

1. Resume Builder App Free CV maker CV templates 2020

This is a top-notch CV writing software for job seekers. It features over 100 templates to choose from as well as simple to use UI. The programmers built this app while taking into consideration the elements international recruiters look out for when hiring. They considered data collected from countries such as the US, England, Canada, and more.

The application supports the attachment of photo media to your resume and can be used to build resumes for virtually any professional field. It’s also simple to share, email, or print the finished product as it still provides users with basic functions when offline.

You can also use the software to create a cover letter for your CV as it provides you with templates for this as well. What’s more, you can download the cover letter in pdf format separately or have it downloaded along with your CV.

2. Aristoz Resume Builder Free

When it comes to quality free CV builders, few come close to the Aristoz Resume Builder Free. Notable, it can also hold its own among paid for CV builders. The software provides you with over 75 unique and customizable templates to help you land that next job.

Rather than charge users for its services, the app runs through the help of ads instead. Users can download finished resumes to their devices in pdf format, or send them to cloud-based storage or email.

3. Resume Builder App Free – PDF Templates & CV Maker

This software is a relatively new app in the world of CV writing, but surprisingly, the developers seem to know exactly what is needed to excel in the field. Users have nothing but praise for the app after using it. There are over a hundred customizable templates to select from with all templates supporting a preview function at any time.

When building your CV on the app, the developer’s commitment to helping users shines through as it provides users with suggestions on job descriptions. They also go all out and provide users with writing tips that improve the quality and appeal of your resume with recruiters.

The free version of this app is ads-free and comes with decent CV building features, including downloading and sharing finished content in pdf format. You can gain access to more professional templates and unlock more features on its pro package, which goes for as little as under $8 per month.

4. Resume Builder App Free

This software comes to users from the stables of 23apps. One of the major features thas ensures your resume stands out with recruiting teams is an eye-catching design. 23apps knows this and deliver users with dozens of professional and customizable templates on its free software. Users get the essentials such as creating a cover and full pdf support which includes sharing and downloading to your device.

This software supports the attachment of media files to your CV. Users can have not just their pictures uploaded to CVs, but also have logos of previous employers and attended educational institutions uploaded as well.

The app is supported through the use of ads and watermark advertising, though you can choose to remove all two by opting for its premium version.

5. Resumaker – Resume builder app free CV maker jobs

Resumaker is simple to use even without prior experience with such apps. Users fill in the required details then get to select a template from an array of professional and eye-catching designs.

Users can opt to select templates based on the level of their work experience, preview templates at any point, and download, print, or share the finished work in pdf format. The app offers decent integration with third-party software and is applicable for use in a wide range of professions.

The app is ideal for fresh graduates looking to land their first job. Also, it isn’t restricted to just job hunters, as the app provides promotion and resignation templates as well. Additional features include assisting users in preparing for their interviews. Users can do this by scanning through a list of interview questions with answers on the app.

Getting a new job can be challenging, especially when it’s your first. You have to compete with almost 4 million new graduates. Though technology can guide you through this process, its assistance often comes expensive. The five applications discussed above are free or have great free plans that will help ease your transition from college into the working-class community.

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