5 Best Language Learning Apps 2019

Learning a new language can be a fun and thrilling experience for anyone. Whether you’re traveling for study, vacation, or tourism, there are many reasons why you may decide to practice a foreign accent. In this article, we will reveal the best language learning apps, that will help you learn a foreign accent no matter where you go.

You will find these language apps helpful because they are readily available at your fingertips. You can easily access them on your mobile phone and quickly complete a lesson while waiting for an appointment, meeting, relaxing in the comfort of your home, or spending a few minutes insider an Uber. If you are traveling to a distant town or another country, it will be great if you could communicate averagely in their native accent. Also, you will find it easy to surf the web or do some research online while in another country. If you want to order essay online, you don’t need to search for transcription tools, if the information you get is provided in another dialect. Without drifting from our focus, let’s evaluate these best language apps that you can’t miss.

Rosetta stone


This is one of the best language learning apps for iOS and Android that offers study modules in up to 24 foreign dialects. The app matches words with pictures and enables you to study from the basic stage by listening to simple words, phrases, and sentences and repeating them. Even though it’s a subscription-based app, you may try out the free version to see if you will like it before subscribing to the paid one. Also, it offers a deal of $5.99/month for a 2-year subscription package. Millions of people around the world choose Rosetta stone as their primary language learning app; you too can do the same.



The Duolingo app for iOS and Android is known for its bright and flexible user interface. It’s one of the best language learning apps that allows you to study at your own pace by starting with simple words you can easily remember, then, phrases, before sentences. It challenges your ability to remember what you learned by engaging your mind with different fun activities and exercises that stimulate your retentive memory and senses. Even if you didn’t get the lessons right, the app makes it easy to revisit them and attempt them again. This feature is particularly helpful to researchers who want to perform several online tasks and buy essays online Australia. But, one thing many users cherish about this learning app is the way it was programmed to assist you with corrections if you make mistakes and commend you for your progress level when you get a task right. Aside from these, it allows you to join health clubs and make the task of learning fun and easy. 



This learn language app works just like flashcards that help a student through their exams. For instance, if the user wants to learn French for study or writing essays, it takes the user through the basics by helping to become familiar with the Cyrillic alphabets. It uses simple visual aids to teach your chosen accent online and make you familiar with common words, phrases until you can speak the dialect fluently. For students planning to study in another country, it makes such a plan worthwhile by allowing you to learn the dialect of that country easily even before you commence your study. When doing research, you may feel the need to seek extra help and tools to help you with your study or whenever you need to buy essay at Edubirdie. Nevertheless, foreign language apps open the minds of the student to possibilities that are available to native speakers when you study in a foreign country. Little wonder why the Memrise app is one great tool in the hands of many students studying abroad.



This app has more than 80 million users and allows you to learn up to 12 dialects. One of the best features of this app is its great interactive interface with it enhances learning speed and user understanding. It has comprehensive courses, accent training, and review exercises. It also features a language test to access your level. This is particularly useful to anyone that has basic knowledge of a particular dialect and needs and doesn’t want to start from the complete beginner level. Aside from these, you will love this app if you are using it to learn a dialect for fun or other purposes, such as when going on a vacation and doing personal research. For non-English speakers, it will help them to become familiar with tools that are not available in their native dialect to enable them to buy essay from the internet or perform other tasks easily.

Hello Talk


This is a fascinating app that helps its users to learn another language using an intriguing system. The user is offered the needed help to learn the chosen language while in turn, he is mandated to help others learn his dialect too. It offers you the unique opportunity of being both a student and a teacher at the same time. It has a long list of dialects to choose from according to your needs and a filter search mechanism to enable you to choose your tutor according to age and country. Its focus is to break all existing barriers between different languages and countries of the world. The fact that you can get it for free makes it a top rated learn language app.

The ability to speak another language aside from your native language helps you to understand the world around you, it improves your memory and helps you to expand your business to other regions, attract foreign clients, and prospects. There are many language learning apps out there to help you.

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