4 Tips To Help Teachers Start Lesson Planning

4 Tips To Help Teachers Start Lesson Planning

There are many techniques for overcoming procrastination, but we wanted to focus on the unique challenges teachers face and how they can use apps and other modern technology to help plan lessons. These are 4 Tips To Help Teachers Start Lesson Planning.

Overcoming the blank page

The blank page is a fearsome obstacle for any creative pursuit. Many writers advocate getting anything down on paper and then modifying and polishing it. Often, little will remain of those early words, but starting the process gets ideas flowing and structure forming.

Teachers can do this, and with modern apps, we don't even need to come up with those initial page-filling ideas for lesson plans and resources.

Try an AI lesson planner. If you think a computer can't come up with something good, you might be surprised, but you don't have to stick to what the AI writes.

Think of an AI-based lesson planner like asking a colleague for one of their old plans. You can modify it beyond recognition but still appreciate the start it gave to you.

Comparing AI Lesson Planner Apps

Reducing teacher workload with artificial intelligence tools

Use graphic design apps. Apps like Canva or DocHipo are great because they have a wealth of templates. You can concentrate on the content when you are released from the stress of thinking about the presentation.

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Procrastination is an enemy most teachers battle, especially if they've already done a full school day before they begin planning in the evening.

Many people thrive when they adopt a focusing technique like that of Pomodoro. This method gives you a fixed period of work with built-in breaks. Seeing a structure rather than an endless task can help get you started. Some apps are dedicated to Pomodoro, while others include it as an extra feature.

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Sometimes, your kids don't respond to a lesson as well as those in previous classes. You might need to come at the topic from a different angle. Try an appropriate app with a free trial if you can't think of an angle.

During the trial period, play through the activities as a child would and take note of the help, explanations, and structure used by the app. Keep screenshots of useful ideas. You can then incorporate this inspiration into your materials and explanations. As a bonus, you'll have assessed the app for its usefulness to you and your kids.

Build around an existing resource

Teachers shouldn't have to spend their money to do their job, but we know they do. It is often a timesaving technique. However, you don't need to overdo it. Find one good resource, and build the rest of your lesson around it. You can find excellent resources at TeachersPayTeachers and maybe contribute your own to offset the costs.

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Lesson planning is time-consuming for teachers, so take advantage of all the assistance apps can give you.

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