4 Smart Productivity Apps for College Students

As a college student, your life revolves around balancing exams, assignments, projects, extra-curricular activities and internships. You start your day thinking you will diligently complete your tasks but before you know it, time flew by, and you are barely done with half of it.

If most of your days end with you feeling demotivated and unproductive, it is time to do something about it before it takes a toll on your mental health. Just the way you have tools to help you with academics, for instance, you can use this website for your writing assignments, there are apps to keep track of daily productivity, reading notes via pdf reader apps,  and manage time better.

So, make way for these 4 useful productivity apps that are specially designed to make your lives easier in college –


In order to be your productive best, it is advisable to start your day by making a to-do list. Instead of haphazardly making lists on your phone’s Notes app or scribbling it on a piece of paper and misplacing it, why not use an app to have everything written in one place?

Wunderlist is one such list-making app that makes organizing tasks a breeze. Available on both Android and iOS, this FREE app also sends you timely reminders and notifications to ensure no task is missed out. You can also share your lists with family and friends and access them from various devices.


Given the various forms of distractions around in the form of Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram, video games and lots more, it is becoming increasingly difficult to practice self-control and focus better, isn’t it?

Well, here’s an app that promises to keep you away from ‘distractions’ to enable you to work on your productivity levels. SelfControl is a FREE Mac app that lets you add websites you consider to be a distraction. The app in turn blocks those websites for a maximum of 24 hours, letting you focus on the important tasks.

So, the next time you sit down to study, use SelfControl to omit distractions and keep you disciplined.

iStudiez Pro

Imagine having your schedule, planner, courses, assignments and grades – all in one place. Yes, you will no longer have to juggle different kinds of information and get lost in the clutter. All you have to do is download iStudiez Pro to be on top of your game at college.

You can feed in your upcoming assignments, projects, meetings, exams and be notified well in advance to give your best. This app is available on Android, iOS and Windows. The mobile version costs , and the computer version costs .

What’s more, you can sync your details across all devices with a push of a button. This app also comes with a GPA calculator to calculate your grades and track progress!

Exam Countdown

From college exams to the competitive ones – there are times when students are bombarded with exams, one after the other so much that you can lose track of them too. Why struggle to remember exam dates and subjects when you can have an app do the work for you.

Exam Countdown keeps track of exam dates and sends you timely alerts to remind you too. You can add notes to each of the exams stating your progress or highlighting topics that need revision. It also lets you color code exams basis your priority – this gives you a better idea about where you stand in just a quick glance and helps you plan efficiently. This app is available on iOS and Android and is free of cost.

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