4 Educational Technology Trends Every Teacher Should Know

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Educational technology, in all its debate between proponents and opposers, is here to stay.


That much cannot be argued.


Nor is its long standing history in doubt.


Depending on what you classify as technology, the modern stylized edtech has been around since the days of the abacus.


To teach in the current climate without an inkling of some sort of technological proficiency is to render oneself obsolete and possibly, in the mind of students, a technophobe (at worst) with whom they may not be able to relate.


Today, the abundance of technological options gives us more power & information than we, at times, know what to do with.


It is frequently remarked about this power through the contrast of how the average smartphone of today has more computing power than the technology that propelled the first lunar mission.


With this much power playing a heavy role in young persons’ lives, there are now numerous opportunities for teachers to make a difference in learners lives but also offers a fresh challenge for teachers of this generation.


Angela McFarlane, CEO & registrar of the College of Teachers & former head of the University of Bristol’s grad school of education, remarks,


“You’ll be preparing young people to live, work and generally exist in a world that’s increasingly dominated by digital technologies, so it’s essential that they’re meaningfully inducted into their use, [and] that’s impossible if you don’t have a good understanding of those technologies yourself.”

The Guardian has identified the following key trends in edtech that all teachers should have knowledge of.


Read the full story HERE.


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