10 ways to Prevent Child Abuse


  • Set time limits and for younger children have ‘no screen days’
  • Keep the family computer in a central place in the home so  you can keep an eye on what children are doing
  • Activate filters on your search engines – click here if you want to know how
  • If you can find out what your children are using then get familiar with it for example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr
  • Talk about online issues regularly, discuss any incidents you hear about at school, make it part of your family life to talk about online safety issues
  • Don’t ban completely – it will only make your child become more secretive

Young People:

  • Activate your privacy settings
  • Use the report abuse and block buttons
  • Stop and think about the personal information and pictures you share
  • Keep a record of abusive messages and show them to a trusted adult

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