10 Most Useful Reading Apps For Students

We are living in a digital world where students shuffle between computers, tablets, and smartphones in their daily activities. Due to the advancement in technology, we can now communicate with one another anytime, anywhere through a simple click of the button. Using mobile apps, students can write 500 word essay fast or test their knowledge of grammar. It is the job of educators to control these productivity and collaborative tools in the classroom.  Smartphones have grown to be permanent fixtures in the lives of students. This rapid growth is attributed reason why cell phones, tablets, and other digital devices have gradually entered the classroom as a tool for almost every subject and reading. However, there is something about print books which cannot be replaced by digital apps. This paper seeks to discuss the most useful reading apps for students.

Spritz Speed Reading App

Spritz is an app that displays one word at a time. This app utilizes a unique electronic framework to engage the student. It is useful for students with concentration difficulties. Spritz is easy to learn and help students to read within minutes. Users of spritz say users can reach up to 1000 words. It is compatible with most smart devices such as smartphones, watches, and tablets.

Young Reader

The young reader is an app which helps students to read words faster with better compression by showing them how to grasp the content and track words. It aims at helping children at the age of 8 to 13 years. The young reader comes loaded with over 130 classic children’s book. There are numerous apps which are useful in student’s learning activities. These apps include


Rewordify is a unique app among all the reading apps. The app allows learners to type a complex sentence or the whole excerpt into the app and it makes the text simpler. Rewordify displays the initial version in one box, and the modified text appears in the next box with changed words underscored in yellow. The student can, therefore, compare the words to improve his or her understanding of the context.


The Subtext is an iPad and iPhone app which helps learners in preparation for Common Core Testing. The app supports the tutor to embed instruction, notes, or reflection questions within the text for the students to consult as they read. The Subtext was aimed for a K-12 classroom which helps tutors to learn and work together with their students. The app has premium features such as text to speech that allows the student to evade more struggling or ESL learners.

Voice Dream Reader

The Voice Dream Reader is a program that provides modifiable text-to-speech abilities. The app is customized to assist learners who are visual students or auditory learners. The program comes with a variety of voices. Additional voices are also available through in-app purchase. The app also incorporates with universal apps including Google Drive, Pocket, Evernote, and Dropbox.

Flashcard by Dictionary.com

Flashcard by Dictionary.com is a free android iOS app for all ages. It is a reading app which provides students with over 500,000 vocabulary lists. Using Flashcards by Dictionary.com, students can choose vocabulary list or create their records for their subject material or grade level. Premade vocabulary lists assist students in preparing for the ACT or SAT tests. Students are given the opportunity to choose between quizzes and flashcards as their preferred method of study. Flashcards offer an audio feature on each word card and help students to learn the correct pronunciation of words.

Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a unique app which helps students to expand their vocabulary as well as practicing using vivid words. It is a free android iOS app recommended for children aged 9-11 years. The app has twenty-one swipe gestures and stories. These features allow students to save stories which they can share with their friends. The user earns badges as he or she plays using Mad Libs. The app permits both multiple and single player options.


Elevate is an intellectual preparation app aimed to improve student’s processing speed, speaking abilities, focus, mathematics skills and more abilities. Each student receives an individualized training app that changes throughout to optimize results.  The app helps to develop analytical and building skills of the user.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an app which helps the user to learn almost everything for free. The app provides the user with over 10,000 explanations and videos in history, economics, math, science and much more at the fingertips. Khan Academy helps to sharpen students’ skills by offering over 40,000 interactive Common Core structured questions with step-by-step hints and instant feedback. The app has redesigned navigation and searches to find what one wants. The user can keep learning even when he or she is offline. It helps the student to learn using interactive sessions, videos, and in-depth articles in mathematics, history, and science. Regardless of whether the user is an adult returning to school, a student, principal, home-schooler, friendly alien, or a teacher trying to get new information, the material and resources provided by Khan Academy is free.

Elevate Brain-Training

Elevate brain training is an app that is geared towards improving speaking abilities, algorithm skills, memory, and processing speed. The user of this required to undergo personalized instruction that is designed to improve results. The more an individual trains with elevate, the more they are likely to enhance essential intellectual abilities that are established to promote self-confidence, gaining power, and productivity. Elevate users who practice at least three times in a week have to indicate increased confidence and dramatic gains. Games incorporated in Elevate app are designed in line with experts in intellectual learning and neuroscience that are founded on broad technical research. The app has over 35 games designed to boost critical thinking skills such as comprehension, precision, math, processing, and memory.

Overall, today’s world is undergoing a dynamic technological change where students use computers, tablets, and smartphones on their daily activities to facilitate learning. The advancement in technology has facilitated communicate with one another anytime, anywhere by just a simple click of the button. The use of smartphones has grown to be a significant fixture in the academic lives of students. For instance, the spritz is an app that displays a word at a time. A Young Reader app helps students to read words faster with better compression by illustrating to them how to grasp the content and track words. Rewordify app allows learners to type multifaceted sentences or the whole chapter into the app and it makes the text simpler. Flashcard by Dictionary.com is a reading app which provides students with over 500,000 vocabulary lists. Elevate is a brain training app aimed to improve student’s cognitive skills. Finally, Khan Academy is an app which helps the user to get vast information for free.


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