10 Must-Have Apps On Your Phone

Aside from calling and messaging, your Android device is actually useful for much more important things than just that. So, to make things easier for yourself and also avoid unnecessary stress, you can download fun apps for your phone. But this, we all know, can be a quite difficult thing to do – not even when you’ve found numerous apps on Google PlayStore. A survey, not even regular argumentative essay topics, conducted recently confirms that there are more than 3.5 million apps on the online store. Massive, right? Well, calm down, there’s no need to panic! I have actually gone through the stress of carefully sifting a number of these apps to produce a list of must have Android apps. So, think of my list as a serve yourself service where you can choose any app that suits your priority and personal preference. Let’s get into it right away!

Google Chrome

To be honest, Chrome is one of the best browsers for Android phones. It is quite fast and easy to use, providing users with the best browsing experience. It comes with a built-in widget like the Google search, and also with amazing features like unlimited tabs that allows you to open many web pages at a time, HTML5 compatibility and other exciting ones.  From your Chrome, you will also be able to easily access a good plagiarism checker like Studymoose essays to check for plagiarism your essay thoroughly.

Google Drive

This is one of the essential apps to have on your phone. Imagine you lost all your files without a way to get them back? Someone who already uses this Google storage cloud won’t even worry. But, for those who would, you really do need to download Google Drive. Google Drive is also used to synchronize and save your files online. This app can also be used for creating and editing files. Also, you can view files offline, if you want to, and easily transfer them directly to other platforms.


If you’re searching for a software that is multitasking, then you need to download Evernote. It is used to create and keep lists, create notes, record, clip webpages, and do other things with pictures and videos. If you have a hectic lifestyle, Evernote can help you to become more organized and collected. It is also used to scan pictures. Altogether, a great helper in producing A+ essays.


Xender is another important app you should install on your phone, for easy file transfer and sharing. With Xender, you can say your goodbyes to having to carry your USB cable everywhere you go. You are free to exchange files with other Android devices that have Xender and even connect to your PC.

It is way faster than Bluetooth and can transfer multiple files at a time.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a built-in AI personal assistant that allows users to navigate, interact, and get other stuff done by just speaking into their phone. You can ask questions, and also command it to launch apps or make calls. It is compatible with all Android devices. Even on some phones, you can use this amazing feature to unlock your screen.

WPS Office

Folks! If you are looking for an office suite software on your device to enhance your productivity, WPS is the best. It has all the useful tools you need and is about the same thing as your regular desktop office suite utility software. You can also create docs, PDFs, slides and spreadsheets with WPS.


If you’re the type that is always busy, Pocket is a very friendly app that allows you to save contents from the internet. Pocket allows you to save articles from your main browser and read later, anytime you’re less busy.


This is actually for movie lovers! Yes, you read that right – Netflix. You can also enjoy the variety of media content Netflix has to offer. From TV shows, programs, movies to documentaries, you stand to enjoy the best mobile streaming experience with the fast-rising on-demand service for videos. Catch up on the latest TV series; Narcos, Umbrella Academy, The OA and so on your phone, in the comfort of your room.


Picture lovers! Pixlr is all you need. It allows you to edit photos and add different filters, overlays and effects. You can also collage picture, remove red-eye and blemishes, add text and frames and share your edited pictures on any social platform; Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram.

Pocket Cast

This is especially for podcast hearers. This app is owned by the NPR along with a few radio producers. It features are very useful. It also has a range of podcast channels that are popular and highly interesting. You should really check it out.

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