10 Best Cooking Apps for iOS in 2021

Cooking is one of those activities that satisfy not only your tummy but also your soul. It is a great mood enhancer for many people, too. When we cook something delectable to our taste palette, it feels like something of an achievement.

So, if cooking is one of your hobbies, you shouldn’t forget to bring cooking recipes with you. Each recipe may involve a whole gamut of ingredients and cooking methods. They may also require the use of different sizes and shapes of pots and pans. The utensils must be just right, the flame must be at the right temperature and the unique blend of spices must be perfectly spot-on! As such, when you are setting up a modular kitchen in Chennai for Indian cooking, you should take many factors into consideration.

Not those physical cookbooks, but cooking recipe apps on your phone. Yes, that’s right. Your smartphone is your treasure trove of cooking recipes that will help you learn how to cook new delicacies and improve your cooking skills. So, here’s our list for the top cooking recipe apps for iOS and Android users.

1. SideChef

SideChef comes up as number one on our countdown, but it’s not just your traditional cooking app for searching for and finding meal recipes. For starters, once you sign-up on the app, you can get recipes personalized to your diet and taste, as well as weekly meal ideas curated by SideChef’s own cooking experts. That’s some awesome functionality right there; however, SideChef takes things a step further and allows you to do some awesome meal planning right in the application. With SideChef app, meal planning only takes a couple of minutes. With this app, you can discover more than 5,000 recipes and step-by-step instructions. SideChef even has a built-in shopping list that helps you remember everything you need to pick up at the store.

Devices: iOS, Android

2. ShopList

ShopList has been around for a few years now on iTunes, and while it isn’t overly and immaculately designed, all of the core functionalities are here. The app is easy to navigate around, and one of the cooler things is that ShopList categorizes all of the items that you add to your shopping list into categories. Add milk to your list, and ShopList creates a “Dairy” category for you. Or, you can add categories manually.

This app actually allows you to add specific weights and measurements as well. This gives you a better idea of how much you need to buy while you’re at the store. You can choose your units in the Imperial or Metric system. ShopList is a relatively simple app that allows users to make and organize grocery lists, and it can even calculate the amount a shopper spends.

Devices: iOS, Android

3. Allrecipes

Allrecipes was founded in 1997, and it is now a huge community of more than 30 million. All recipes that you find in this app have been posted by the members of the Allrecipes community and categorized according to various criteria into different sections. You can either browse recipes by category or tell the app to suggest a recipe for any occasion to you. The recipes the community has decided are the best are often accompanied by detailed step-by-step videos and useful tips. Perhaps the best thing about the Allrecipes community is how active its members are. Not only they rate recipes based on how good they taste, but they also share pictures of how the recipes have turned out and suggested tweaks to make them even tastier.

Devices: iOS, Android

4. BigOven

BigOven has become one of the most popular recipe websites on the internet, and its various mobile versions have been so far downloaded over 13 million times. BigOven provides users with over 350,000 recipes that you can study through your smartphone.

With a simple tap, you can turn any recipe into a convenient grocery list or see step-by-step instructions on how to prepare it. If you enjoy sharing your culinary accomplishments, you’ll love that BigOven lets you add snapshots of your own recipes and share them with everyone you know.

You can create your own recipes and upload them to the service. There’s also the option to create a grocery list according to the recipes that you want to make. The app is also a social platform where you can find and share recipes with your family, friends, and favorite chefs. You can download BigOven for iOS and Android devices.
Devices: iOS, Android

5. Yummly

Founded in 2009, Yummly is a relatively young recipe recommendations website and app, but it has already been selected as one of the best apps of 2014 in Apple’s App Store. Users can search by ingredient, diet, allergy, nutrition, price, cuisine, time, taste, meal courses and sources, and Yummly’s patent-pending search technology always delivers mouth-watering results. Because Yummly aggregates recipes from multiple sources, including Allrecipes, Epicurious, and Food52, it offers truly an endless variety of recipes for any occasion. When you find something that you’d like to prepare, you can add it to your personal list of favorites, transfer the ingredients from any recipe to your shopping list, and even shop for the kitchen tools needed to prepare the recipe right from the app itself.

You can also find in Yummly, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals. Currently, the app has thousands of recipes that will surely help you in your cooking. Yummly is accessible through its website, or you can download it for iOS and Android devices.

Devices: iOS, Android

6. Epicurious

Many see Epicurious as the ultimate food resource for the home cook. The Epicurious iOS app contains 35,000 tested recipes from publishers like Bon Appetit, Gourmet, HarperCollins, and others, and it’s being constantly updated with new savory delights. If you enjoy trying out new flavors, you can subscribe to the latest recipe video feed and get new content every day. You can place the recipes that you like the most into the recipe box and share them with others on social media. Epicurious can also help you get all the ingredients from the store by creating shopping lists directly from recipes, and it can even tell you exactly how many more minutes everything takes to cook thanks to the Smart Kitchen Timer feature.

Devices: iOS

7. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is a cooking app you can download for iOS or Android for free. The app provides great step-by-step graphic instructions, HD video guides, tips and tricks on how to cook delicious meals. The app allows users to bookmark favorite recipes and it’s easy to share your favorite recipes with family and friends. It can also help you with your shopping list.

Devices: iOS, Android

8. Cookpad

Cookpad is a kind of cooking recipe/social app. It’s because you can upload your own recipes to the service and share them with others. There’s also the option to make a specific recipe private or save a recipe shared by others. The great thing about Cookpad is that the recipes in it are mostly unique. You can find in there recipes that are passed down from one generation to another. The user interface of the app is also clean and simple. You can download Cookpad for iOS and Android devices.
Devices: iOS, Android

9. Oh She Glows

The Oh She Glows app is based on an award-winning plant-based recipe website and book by New York Times best-selling author Angela Liddon, who has been creating delicious vegan-friendly recipes for more than a decade before she decided to share them with the whole world. Oh She Glows features 95 plant-based recipes and 75 gluten-free recipes—all of which were personally hand-picked by Angela and are accompanied by full-screen, high-resolution photographs, detailed instructions, useful tips and tricks, and strikeout ingredients. If you’re into healthy eating, this app is a must.

Devices: iOS, Android

10. Food Network Kitchen

Food Network in the Kitchen features over 70,000 recipes by famous Food Network chefs. Whether looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes, this app can provide you with your cooking needs. You can also filter your search by ingredient or chef.
There are photos, video guides to help you cook a meal of your choice. The app lets you add your cooking recipe or version of any recipe. You can make, edit, or order the ingredients you need from the app. Moreover, it provides you with the necessary nutritional information for every meal. Food Network in the Kitchen is available for iOS and Android.
Devices: iOS, Android

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent cooking apps available for iOS or Android devices. Whether you’re looking for recipes, a meal planner, or something that can help you remember everything you need to know for picking up at the store, there’s something for you on our list here.

Do you have a favorite cooking app for iOS? Let us know what it is in the comments section below, and it may just end up on our list in the future!

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