10 Best Apps to Improve Math Skills for Adults

Best Apps to Improve Math Skills for Adults

Math isn’t easy, at least for most of us. It takes hard work, practice and repetition to be able to master each of the different disciplines, from long division and multiplication to solving complex equations.

Now that we all have access to smartphones and tablet computers, we can tap into the huge number of math apps that are out there in the Google Play and Apple Store to reduce fear and anxiety about maths.

You can also view a wide range of math apps for kids that will engage your children to develop their maths skills in a simple and enjoyable way. Give your brain a workout and have a little fun in the process with these brain games for adults.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and browsed the web for just ten of the best apps for helping you to improve your mathematical skills as an adult. Remember, though, that simply downloading these apps will only get you so far, and that if you want to make the most of them, you’ll need to carve out time to dedicate to using them.

Here is the list of math apps that will help young adults to practise everyday maths.

1. Pure Math – Math, Brain, Memory

Pure Math – Maths, Brain, Memory is a math practice app designed to help learners of all ages become faster and more accurate at mental arithmetic. It has many options to ensure users get the most from a daily practice session.

Pure Math

Pure Math has progressive difficulty levels that let its users build up to the challenge most appropriate for their current skill level. Players enter answers from an on-screen calculator-style pad, making the app's challenge more realistic than a multiple-choice quiz.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Download on iOS

2. Brilliant

Brilliant teaches an array of math subjects through hands-on problem-solving. Brilliant also allows you to tailor your learning experience based on what you want to get out of it. The app prompts you to choose a study style or purpose during the setup, whether it's for boosting your career or pure curiosity.

Brilliant Learn Math

Brilliant Learn Math focuses on explaining concepts briefly and then having you solve problems right away. This approach helps you learn step by step and build your math skills gradually.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web

Download on iOS Download on Android

3. Mathpid: AI math

Mathpid is an AI-powered math learning app. Whether you're looking to improve your math skills, prepare for an exam or enjoy math, Mathpid has got you covered. It provides comprehensive math learning, practice, and assessment features including 'Math Camera' for problem-solving. Simply take a picture or draw a math problem, and Mathpid will recognize the question, provide the answer, and suggest related topics.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Download on iOS Download on Android

4. Number Match - Numbers Game

Number Match is maths-based brain training game that focuses on Mathematical addition to boost your mental math ability. Number Match is ideal for individual learning and ideal for playing with family and friends. Solve each game with quick thinking strategic moves to receive rewards or use one of the many in-play features to help you improve your time. The app is free on iOS and Android.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Download on iOS Download on Android

5. Star Dash Studios

This math education app developed by National Numeracy is available on Android, Apple and Amazon devices. Taking place against the backdrop of a movie studio, it’s designed to help you to practice your numeracy skills through engaging gameplay mixed with educational content. This math game is primarily designed for 16 to 25-year-old gamers who may not readily appreciate the significance of math, this game immerses players in the world of a movie set. Star Dash Studios connects math to real-life scenarios, highlighting its importance in both the workplace and daily life.

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon

6. Sumaze

Sumaze! is a problem solving puzzle game suitable for A level mathematicians and above. Sumaze’s puzzles involve arithmetic, inequalities, the modulus function, indices, logarithms and primes and players don’t need ANY previous knowledge of these topics in order to play. Sumaze! 2 is also available. It includes puzzles which involve fractions, decimals, percentages, primes and digits.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a well-known math app for adults, provides assistance across a wide range of maths topics. The platform boasts a rich collection of resources, including online lessons, instructional videos, and quizzes, covering significant portion of the maths curriculum. With a growing repository of free tutorials and exercises, Khan Academy is valuable for U.S. K-12 students who are interested in STEM fields with math programs ranging from kindergarten to differential calculus.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

8. Math Brain Booster Games

Math Brain Booster Games consists of different training modes to improve brain function and stimulate the mind to improve overall performance. Customize your Personal Training mode and have your own mental productivity session anytime, anywhere. Train your brain! Improve attention, reaction, and velocity of the mind with timed math problems and tasks.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

9. King of Maths

With King of Maths app, you will learn basic algebra, geometry, division, and other math equation. The app is designed in the form of a game; so your child chooses between two characters and complete mathematical challenges in addition and subtraction. When playing this game, you are challenged to figure out missing numbers before they can arrive at an answer. The game will also help you to understand the basic concept in math.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

10. Math Riddles and Puzzles

Math Riddles is a free math game to level up your IQ with a mix of logical puzzles. It helps the users to improve attention and focusing by challenging with different levels of math games and stretch the limits of your mind. Brain games are prepared with an approach of an IQ test with daily puzzles, as well as leaderboards and other competitive functionality to keep users hooked.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

11. Photomath

No list of apps to help you to improve your learning would be complete without Photomath. Simply snap a picture of a math problem and the app's handwriting recognition and camera calculator gives you an answer and step-by-step solutions. The app supports basic arithmetic, fractions, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, systems of equations, trigonometry and more.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

12. Mathway

Mathway is one of the most useful free calculator app in the App Store that offers instant answers to the users most complex math equations. The app practically solves anything from basic math problems, geometry, algebra to more complex calculus equations and trigonometry.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

13. GeometryPad

This Android and iOS app are designed to help users to better understand geometry, allowing them to take measurements and to create different geometric shapes. It takes an abstract topic and makes it much more easily understandable through its simple visuals.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Now that you have insights into the recommended math apps for adults, feel free to download and try them out to determine if they align with your needs and preferred learning style. Keep in mind that app effectiveness can vary from person to person, so it's essential to experiment with the suggested apps. If a particular app doesn't meet your expectations, don't hesitate to remove it from your device and explore other options.

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