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Best Writing Apps for Kids

Best Writing Apps for Kids

By getting kids writing early and often, we prepare them to succeed across all subjects. Kindergarten writing apps allow your young scholar to practice writing letters, sight words, and short sentences. Kindergarten is a pivotal year for young writers. Kids learn not only the written alphabet, but also the letters' names and sounds, and how to write them into short words. Advanced students will even write short sentences.

These kindergarten writing apps are a great tool for students who are learning the fundamentals of writing. Browse our best writing apps to learn about the developmental stages of writing, effective classroom strategies, assessment, writing disabilities, supporting writing at home, and more.

Encourage your children to build early literacy skills with these best writing apps for Android and iOS.

Letter School is a fun and engaging way to help children learn to write letters and numbers. This app takes children through four steps for each letter of the alphabet (upper case and lower case) as well as numbers 0-9.

Children absolutely love this app. The highly engaging animations and sound effects encourage them to practice their letter and number formation frequently. Kids learn to write letters and numbers as they play four exciting games per letter or number. The app will test your children's knowledge by writing the abc and numbers from memory.

The step-by-step process is really clear and offers excellent support for children. The app gradually increases their independence and understanding of the letter or number being learned. The app covers three areas: upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers.

iTrace app doesn’t simply provide letters for kids to trace. Instead, it considers how different kids write. In the parent’s corner, parents can choose from three different letter styles, opt to use cursive letters instead of standard letters, or even turn on left-handed orientation for the lefties using the game. The ability to customize how kids interact with the app helps display its quality and separates it from many of the other letter tracing apps on the market.

This app will make learning how to write letters, numbers and word both fun and interesting for your children, while sneaking in that teaching factor.
Kids write the same letter several times — the only way to develop muscle memory. There are at least 10 unique prizes for each letter. iTrace maintains a history of every attempt made by each player, so parents or teachers can easily review kids' progress. iTrace is the only app that supports multiple methodologies of letter writing. iTrace is the only app that can be adjusted to the specific needs of left-handed kids with a single switch.

Narrator AR

( Android - £1.99 , iPad - £1.99 )

The application ‘Narrator AR' is an Augmented Reality app that supports pre-school writing in a fun and inspiring way. The application is suitable for ages 3 to 5 and encourages children to write words and letters with a pen and paper whilst linking this to an exciting AR experience. 

This application encourages children to pick up a pen and practice their writing. The child can choose from the Unicorn (Bimbi) or the Rocket (Klugger). Watch how the chosen character emerges from the page and traces the child's word using fantastic graphics and sound.

LetraKid PRO - Handwriting ABC

( Android - £3.99 , iPad - £3.99 )

Letra Kid PRO is an educational game for kids with ten writing fonts commonly used in schools and it includes the 3 most popular typefaces used in USA, Canada and UK. The app is aimed at children between 4 to 8 years old and is designed to help them to learn pre-cursive and print block handwriting correctly. Using the app will help the child recognise letters, pronunciation and correct letter formation. The game has different levels of difficulty to help children learn in small steps.

The features include, the language (currently sixteen in total), left or right hand use, fonts (currently 10 including the pre cursive types), level of difficulty (the first level is automatic drawing and then progresses to assisted and then freehand), letter formation (three options; standard, cursive and from top), with or without lines showing and finally a reset button.

iWriteWords Lite

( iPad - Free )

iWriteWords helps to teach kids how to write the letters of the alphabet, numbers up to 20, and simple words using a dot-to-dot approach. It helps if kids already know how to count and read numbers up to 10 in order to play this game.

Users must sustain their attention, and forge through repeated words, and simple letters, recognizing the fact that the repetition is simply a way of increasing users' writing fluency and ability to associate words with images. 
For a simple writing app dedicated to enhancing the writing fluency and word recognition of pre-school / kindergarten aged users - it is nearly flawless. A committed and regular use of iWriteWords will ensure young learners are prepared for early grade-level writing and spelling. 

Writing Wizard - Kids Learn to Write Letters is designed to help children learn how to trace letters and number. The app also includes some letter naming and phonetic sounds. The app allows the children to learn how to write in smaller and longer forms. 
Typically developing learners and those who struggle with fine motor, handwriting and dysgraphia will benefit greatly from this app.To keep the kids engaging, Writing Wizard app includes amazing interactive graphics like stars, tiger faces, fun stickers, interactive games and along with sound effects. The app also ses some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning, representing some sounds clearly and in sequence.

Writing Skills [HD]

( Android - £0.60 , iPad - £0.69 )

Writing Skills is a comprehensive guide that can help students with the writing process. It covers many different aspects including different types of writing; different types of sentences; subject verb agreement; choosing the right words; punctuation and grammar. 

Learn To Write

( iPad - £0.79 )

Learn to Write is a fun way for children to learn how to write their letters and numbers, and it's easy for the teacher to make sure they do it correctly. This unique playback function, found in Learn to Write, saves the child's writing so you can play it back in real time to see how the child is forming letters and numbers. 

Children learn the proper strokes with the help of an adjustable-speed-animated ball that they can follow and write along with. With each selection of a letter or number, an audio file says the letter to aid in memorizing the alphabet. Over a dozen unique pen styles are available for tracing.

With Wet-Dry-Try, children learn and practice correct formation habits for writing capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters. The app simulates our Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines and helps children learn handwriting skills in the easiest, most efficient way.

Based on the popular Handwriting Without Tears program, Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite for Capitals, Numbers & Lowercase (Classroom edition) the app, is a great supplement to the hands-on resources and workbooks from HWT program. The consistent language used for the last 30 years in HWT will be familiar for many. As part of its multi-sensory experience, the handwriting program also uses a chalkboard and the Wet-Dry-Try method to teach children how to write. This app is a virtual adaptation of this popular handwriting system.

iDiary for Kids is a top-notch first experience in journaling for kids ages 5 to 13 to express themselves; make a photo, drawing, and text scrapbook of their day; and create their first address book. iDiary for Kids is an ideal platform for children ages 5-13 to plunge into journaling. Keeping a journal or a diary helps children improve their writing skills, develop their creativity and boost their self-confidence.

Give your students a leg up with these great picks for kids that'll get them writing and sharing.

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