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Do you like learning new vocabulary in English? We have lots of great word game apps for you to play. You can choose from lots of different topics and have fun playing games and learning English at the same time. 

Educational App Store teachers and parents help you choose a list of Word Game Apps.


( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Equii is a unique word game that combines letters, text, number and images to create challenging word puzzles.  The application has a number of different game play modes where the user can gain coins for solving the puzzles. The gameplay is fast, fun and addictive with plenty of differentiation. The app has over 100 brain teasing word puzzles that are beautifully presented. The app does display in-app adverts and there are in-app purchases for further coins bundles where the users can purchase avatars, advantages, power-ups and more.
The app has some educational value in that it helps with critical thinking and problem solving. This application could be used within literacy for past tense topics and spelling. 
Words with Ibbleobble

( iPad - £1.99 )

This is a wonderfully designed app from developer KidDotCo that has already received a number of awards. The idea of the app is to encourage young people to learn new words, increasing their vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. The app encourages children to make progress at their own pace and this is something that is welcomed in a market where apps usually control the pace regardless of the user. There is a lot of content in the app and it is certainly value for money.
This is a really well designed and thought-out app that aims to help young children widen their vocabulary and increase their communicative skills. It is aimed at children who can already read and for those who are seeking to utilize these reading skills to extend their vocabulary. I would, therefore, recommend the app for children in year 2 onwards. 
Monkey Word School Adventure

( Android - £1.79 , iPad - £1.99 )

Monkey Word School Adventure uses six different mini activities to help them with reading skills through phonics and word groups. Each activity adjusts to your child’s ability level. Many of the activities also allow kids to self-correct to solve the given problems. Each activity is short and moves automatically to the next challenge.
With Monkey Word School Adventure you are able to customize the play for up to three children based on reading group levels. You can also set the challenge level appropriately in settings as difficulty increases based on the performance.
The language learning ranges from letter recognition and writing to spelling and phonics introducing word components such as consonant blends, digraphs, and irregular vowels. This tool is great for kids who need assistance with their phonics skills.
Letterpress is a multiplayer word game created by one of the creators of Twitter app Tweetie, and it’s a great mix of Boggle-like wordplay and Chess-like strategy. It is a strategic board word game in which you are presented with a grid of letters and must make words out of them.
Players use letter tiles from a randomly created grid in each game to form words, and using those letters turns their tiles to your color. The goal is for every letter to be turned to either your color or your opponent’s color, and to have more of your color when the last letter is used.
Letter game fanatics and people who enjoy titles such as Word With Friends. Letterpress is a great mix of both wordplay and strategy, and will appeal to fans of both.
Words With Friends 2-Word Game

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

Words With Friends is back and better than ever, so gather all your literary besties for the ultimate night-in with Words With Friends 2. The sequel to our favorite app has returned with new features, such as the Solo Challenge, where you’ll compete against a bot with difficulty increases, and the fast-paced Lightning Round mode, where you’ll be grouped into teams for lightning-fast competition on changing boards.
Words With Friends 2 takes the head-to-head, word-building competition of 2009’s Words With Friends and adds a solo challenge mode, a team-based lightning round mode, strategy-improving boosts, and an updated social dictionary that adds 50,000 words.
The most exciting feature is probably the solo challenge mode, which allows people to build up their Words With Friends skills against AI opponents. It’s designed to get progressively more difficult, so it requires you to play better and think smarter as you continue.

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