Vocabulary Websites

Vocabulary Websites

If you want a better vocabulary, you’ve come to the right place. Vocabulary websites are designed to help you learn new words while having fun on your phone. You could look up a new word at random in your dictionary every day and test yourself, but there's a variety of useful websites available that make the process of improving your vocabulary even easier.  

Learning new words can take time and effort, but these websites make it a fun, easy process. When you set out to expand your own vocabulary, however, keep in mind that you might find a totally new technique that works for you.

Here is the list of vocabulary websites to start learning new words in engaging contexts, understanding their nuances and trying them out for yourself.

1. Vocabulary.com

Vocabulary.com is a free English vocabulary learning website that uses a learning-by-play method. Through fun and engaging games, you can learn new words and improve your vocabulary retention. The website has a huge library of over 15,000 words, which are divided into different topics. You can also create your own vocabulary lists.

One of the best ways to use Vocabulary is to integrate its vocabulary practice with the text you're reading. The website's dynamic teacher dashboard allows you to see detailed information about your vocabulary proficiency. In addition to the thousands of provided lists available on the site, you can paste up to 100 pages of text into the site's List Builder and it will give you a list of new words. This is great when you want to create a list before the specified read.

Vocabulary.com offers a variety of features to help you learn words including smart dictionary lookup, vocabulary lists, word challenges, commonly confused words, test prep, vocabulary jam, and several other educational resources.

2. Wordela

Wordela is a vocabulary-building website to help anyone extend their vocabulary. There are courses in the app to help English language learners grow the variety of words they use and ones specific to their roles, such as business. Students preparing for standardised tests and college exams have access to wordlists especially curated for them.

Wordela provides high-quality audio content, flashcard tools, gamified motivation, and content that teaches meanings and pronunciation alongside the words.

3. Dictionary websites

Check out this collection featuring some of the best online dictionary and thesaurus websites. Students can use them to search for definitions of words, synonyms and antonyms, examples of words usage, grammar tips, word of the day, quizzes, crosswords, word games and many more.

4. Easy Notecards

Easy Notecards is a free vocabulary website that allows you to create interactive note cards that can be used on a variety of devices and platforms. You can also add images to your note cards by either uploading them or using their URLs.

5. Reverse Dictionary

Reverse Dictionary uses a variety of algorithms and multiple databases to find similar words for a search query. The definitions are taken from the well-known and open source WordNet database, so many thanks to the many contributors for creating such a great free resource.

6. Wordnik

Wordnik is an online English dictionary that provides comprehensive definitions, usage examples, and related information for words from a variety of sources, including the American Heritage Dictionary.

This online resource provides a wealth of information about words, making it a valuable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about the English language. Whether you are a student, a writer, or simply someone who enjoys learning new words, Wordnik is a great resource.

In addition to providing comprehensive definitions, Wordnik also helps you keep up with popular culture and learn about new words and terms.

7. WordReference.com Dictionaries

Wordreference is a bilingual online dictionary that you can use with students to enrich and improve their vocabulary learning. Wordreference offers access to a number of bilingual dictionaries include Spanish-English, French-English, Italian-English, and many more. 

The site alo include a language forum where users ask questions about language usage and get help from native speakers. To learn more about Wordreference, check out this guide.

8. Ludwig

Ludwig is a sentence search engine that helps students become better writers of English. It is also a great vocabulary website which offers a host of helpful services including: definitions, synonyms, antonyms, translation, paraphrasing, comparing the frequency of words, examples of usage, and more. 

The way it works is simple: type in your sentence or word and Ludwig provides you with relevant examples sourced from numerous English sources.

9. Word Hippo

Word Hippo is another vocabulary website that helps students improve their vocabulary learning. Besides accessing antonyms and synonyms, Word Hippo provides rhyming words, example sentences, translations, definitions, words forms, word game helpers, pronunciations, and more. Word Hippo is also available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android.

10. Flocabulary

Flocabulary is a website that helps students develop cross curricular academic vocabulary through rap/hip hop songs. Flocabulary offers a wide variety of pre-made lessons and activities to help students build towards mastery. 

These include Vocab Game, Vocab Cards, Lyric Lab, Quiz, and several other activities. Teachers can create their classes, invite students to join, and start sharing lessons and assignments with students. They can also grade students responses, provide timely feedback, and monitor students learning progress. Read Flocabulary full review to learn more.

11. Membean

Membean is a vocabulary website that provides differentiated and personalized vocabulary instruction to students of all ages and abilities including ELLs and students with dyslexia. Students are engaged in training sessions where they get introduced to new words that they learn using different pathways. 

Besides learning about the word’s pronunciation, students also practice the new vocabulary through sample sentences, visual representations, explanations, and definitions. 

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