Best Virtual Learning Tools

Over the past few years, virtual learning tools have transformed the way educators teach. Not only do these tools simplify lesson plan creation, they also facilitate communication and social interaction between your students.

Virtual learning tools for teachers include a combination of helpful programs and online learning platforms. Online learning tools make learning anywhere an efficient and enjoyable experience.

Here is the list of online learning tools that makes it easier to address many challenges associated with virtual learning.

1. Google Classroom

Created for teaching and learning, Google Classroom is an all-in-one tool that makes learning flexible and accessible from anywhere in the world. Teachers save time when creating lesson plans, tracking student performance and using several creative tools to make course material more exciting.

2. Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is an adaptive learning platform for grades 1 to 8. Aligned to curriculum across the United States and around the world, you can be confident that students will stay engaged and learning no matter where they are. Use your free teacher dashboard to easily differentiate math practice, send home assessment and get real-time insights into how students are learning — no grading required.

3. Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a fun way to get a conversation started. Simply post a topic and foster discussions within your learning community. It's a great way to get students interested in new ideas, excited to learn and engaging with their peers!

4. Edmodo

Edmodo's series of tools enables teachers to share course content, inspire collaboration and build an energetic and positive classroom. Parents can also receive updates about their kids' progress.

5. Canva

Canva’s online graphic and publishing tool allows teachers to create stunning, professional-quality presentations, posters, infographics, social media banners, videos, Zoom virtual backgrounds, and more. Sign up for the free version or purchase one of their plans geared toward teachers and students.

6. Zoom

Zoom gained popularity during the pandemic for its versatility as a presentation tool and webinar platform while students learned online. Its security, live video class functionality and chat feature for social interaction make Zoom a useful distance learning tool.

7. ClassDojo

ClassDojo's communication tool brings families, students and teachers together to create a supportive online community. Teachers can develop a fun learning experience with downloadable resource kits and ideas. They can also find resources that help integrate ClassDojo with their preferred learning management system.

8. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams brings the best of several worlds together under one roof. You can share your screen or notes, conduct presentations, promote chatting and bring everyone together through video conferencing.

9. Blackboard

Blackboard is an advanced LMS tool perfectly suited for kindergarten to high school. This platform works on any device and it's easily accessible to all students. Blackboard Learn also gives teachers access to several third-party tools.

10. Nearpod

Nearpod is a fantastic add-on for Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations. Teachers may use their own presentations or select from lessons and videos in their impressive template library. Build polls, games and collaborative boards to keep your students interested to learn. Nearpod promotes healthy social interaction between students.

11. Explain Everything Whiteboard

The Explain Everything Whiteboard app is one of the top digital whiteboards. It's a fabulous offline and online tool perfect for traditional and hybrid class environments. It also encourages collaboration between teachers and students.

12. Bloomz

Bloomz is a one-stop platform that eliminates the need for multiple apps and concerns surrounding security. Bloomz allows teachers to connect, organize, and stay in touch with students and parents.  Parents and teachers won't have to open and close several apps, making it simple and stress-free for you to communicate and share information.

13. Khan Academy

As a non-profit organization, Khan Academy boasts a list of subjects for teachers and students to choose from including math, science, reading, language and life skills. All courses are suitable for students in grades 1 to 8 and beyond. Khan Academy is free for students and teachers. Donations are welcome and encouraged to keep the platform accessible to everyone.

14. Seesaw

Seesaw provides a great alternative for creating learning loops that connect teachers, students, and parents. It provides a meaningful way for teachers to observe student performance and encourages the use of creative tools such as draw + record, video, creative canvas and more. 

15. Kahoot!

Kahoot!'s online game quizzes gained popularity with students and teachers during the pandemic. Kids can access countless games from Kahoot!'s library or they can even make their own game. Teachers can also distribute Kahoot! challenges to students for learning outside of the classroom.

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