Ukulele Learning Apps

Ukulele Learning Apps

Do you want to immerse yourself in the spirit of Hawaiin culture, tradition, and music? Whether you have already visited this paradise island or just like its culture. You have already heard about Hula and Ukelele. And moreover, you are interested in learning how to play these magic instruments that play a really great role in the life of the island.

Firstly, due to the technological era, we live in its easy to learn the ukelele online or offline through different applications. No, it’s not a joke. There are plenty, surprisingly, apps created for mobile devices in order to teach ukelele playing.

Secondly, you won’t find anyone who has never ever heard about this instrument. Even being on a big distance from Hawaii, watching movies and listening sounds of this wonderful string instrument was enough for us to learn about it.

Looking back to the origins of this “guitar” instrument we can trace the way to Portugal four strings acoustic instrument called Machete that immigrants took with them to the islands like a part of their culture. Hawaiians loved it and modified it in their own way. Thus, after a while, this small instrument has become popular especially due to the king that liked it more than anyone.

Now Ukelele is a big part of Hawaiian culture and many want to learn it. Here we selected the best Ukelele learning apps, so you can find that will suit you best.

1. Real Ukulele Free

As the app`s name says it’s a real Ukelele instrument on your device or its stimulation that is quiet enough for new learners. Here you can play different chords, having real-alike sound. It’s so user-friendly and easy to understand and produce a sound.

Real Uekele app has two different Ukelele instruments: one with nylon, the other with steel strings. Without many details, sounds should be different. Everything feels really authentic in this app including notes that were recorded from the real Ukelele.

This app is a really good way to start learning. All chords and notes appear on the screen ver the instrument strings so u can just use your fingers to follow the melody. the app is also free for both Android and iOS platforms and has been downloaded more than a million times.

2. Yousician

Yousician is one of the most popular apps for learning music and playing instruments. After downloading it you can fast understand why its called your music teacher. There are plenty of functions important for those who are fond of music.

Firstly, you will find step-by-step tutorials on how to play a particular instrument. And there are many of them: guitar, bass, piano, and ukelele.

Secondly, you will find feedback on your playing that is f course not for free. But it’s a good way to learn with tutor feedback when you have no time to attend real learning sessions. Of course, you can keep using the free set of features of the app. It doesn’t require money to download.

The app consists of lessons, exercises, videos. You will learn chords, strumming, melodies, etc.

3. Ukulele-companion

Ukulele-companion is the app that is available only for iOS devices, unfortunately. Though the developers make constant improvements, however, not considering an Android version development.

The Ukelele companion has everything that you to play this marvelous Hawaiian instrument. There are plenty of chords,  scales list, tuner, and of course, beats to practice on your iOS device.

To add some details, there are 1900 chords and over 150 scales. There are auto and manual strum giving you a choice, either to listen to the chord or swipe across the strings.

You can download the app for free and the free version has everything that you need to play the ukelele. The paid version has some extra features like the ability to alternate tunings. It doesn’t cost much however and you can try it as well. Note that there are also adds in the app and if you are really annoyed from it you can pay $3 to get rid of them.

4. iUke

As you can guess the app is just for iOS devices as well as the previous one.  However, it’s much simpler and thus free to download. Carrying the same functionality as most of the typical apps for learning Ukelele playing, iUke offers chords and strumming pattern that shows where to place fingers.

The app is suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners. The interface is pretty simple and the app is easy to navigate. The app suggests multiple tunings and different difficulty levels. So it explains why it’s suitable for advanced users too.

You also can record yourself while you are playing. It would be really nice to evaluate your progress. Choose video or audio recording. Share it with friends or a teacher.

5. My Ukulele

My Ukelele is only an Android app that represents a digital pocket-sized copy of a real Ukelele instrument. If you are fond of music and Hawaii as well and you want to learn how to play Uekele, start from this app. After taking the first steps and reaching the first goals you can buy a real Ukelele 4 string music device.

While the Ukelele costs a lot of money, the app will cost you nothing.  However, it offers two different Ukelele sounds: banjo and standard. The velocity of sound is also flexible and depends on how hard you strum or tap.

The app is available for Android devices only and worth trying.

6. Ukuoke Karaoke

Ukeoke is a simple application that provides you with chords of your favorite songs. Chords are simplified and adapted to Ukelele instrument, so everyone can play Ukelele without having knowledge or experience with it. There are also lyrics for each song that goes together with chords. That’s why it called a karaoke app.

The app is the easiest way to learn to play Ukelele because all chords go with step-by-step play along with style. Moreover, there are a bunch of video lessons and tutorials. Each person can learn how to play in a couple of days. You don’t need to read notes on those huge paper sheets.

Besides, the app goes with Ukelele tuner so as to perform decent tuning for Ukelele. This apps gives many more fans as each song goes with lyrics. Being in a company of your friends or family and performing Ukelele playing you also can sing along. That would bring much more fun for your leisure time.

The app is free to download but offers a paid subscription opening a few more features and the list of songs.

7. Uke Like The Pros Play Ukulele

The Uke Like the pros app is created by a musician with years of experience. In this app, he gives his lessons with the most famous songs that you can imagine but which are played in ukelele. Lessons Are presented in short video lessons of a good quality recorded from different angles. The sound is good and the image is clear.

What can you find in lessons:

Firstly, there are chords diagrams, strum patterns, rhythmic notation.

Secondly, there are lots of great songs, various styles like blues, reggae.

Moreover, the tutor is always open for personal contact and feedback. So if there are questions related to video lessons, Terry Carter, a teacher is ready for discussion.

If you are a beginner you will find these lessons very suitable especially that there are different playing paces, slow or fast. There is a paid content in the app while the app itself is free to download.

We believe that learning ukulele using an app is a great option. That’s why we’re bringing you a list of the best ukulele learning apps.

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