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Top 5 Apps for Autism Learning

Top 5 apps for autism learning

Tablet computers are popular tools for young people with autism, both at home and in school. When traditional learning techniques don’t meet the needs of autistic children, educational apps specifically designed to nurture both ability and confidence can be used to supplement their learning. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the amount of apps for autism, but it’s often hard to tell between the good and the bad. Here we’ve listed our top apps for autism learning, whilst paying attention to specific skills parents or educators may be trying to address.

See.Touch.Learn Pro

( iPad - £12.99 )

Platform: iOS

Best For: Autism

Price: £25.99

See.Touch.Learn Pro is very useful tool for those working with special education needs students that has the dual purpose of creating resources and instructional lessons and also allowing the students to then access these lessons.

Social Quest

( iPad - £7.49 )

Platform: iOS

Best for: Social Interaction

Price: £7.49

Social Quest is a great app for autistic children entering secondary school, as the ‘adventure game’ element appeals to children interested in interactive and problem solving games. Children work through real life situations and contextual images to solve problems, which also offers parents and educators ‘jumping off’ points to discuss the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of social language usage. The app is based on story-telling intervention, a technique identified by the National Autism Centre as particularly effective in the teaching of autistic children. Situations and questions also address development of self-talk for social situations, a strategy that can reduce anxiety and improve communication skills.

Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development

( iPad - £2.49 )

Platform: iOS

Best For: Motor Skill Development

Price: £2.49

Dexteria is an app that focuses on therapeutic hand exercises to improve fine motor skills and handwriting readiness in children and adults who struggle in this area. When taken on in regular, short sessions, users can build control, dexterity and strength. The exercises are designed to be repeatable and enjoyable, with a simplistic, visual and easy to use interface. This app has won various awards in ‘special needs app’ categories and has a multi-user feature, useful if more than one child is using the app.


( iPad - £4.99 )

Platform: iOS

Best For: Independent Living

Price: £4.99

Choiceworks allows autistic children and teenagers to have a sense of control over their daily schedules. This app is especially useful for assisting the family routine due to the engaging, visual template that can be adapted to chart a personalised daily routine. This makes the process more predictable and therefore less stressful for autistic children. The app helps foster a child’s independence, positive behaviour and emotional regulation both at home and in the community. Each task can be marked as ‘done’, and schedules can be enhanced by adding a timer. The ‘feeling’ board and ‘waiting’ board can also be used to enhance interpersonal skills.

Word SLapPs Vocabulary

( iPad - £3.99 )

Platform: iOS

Best For: Vocabulary and Social Recognition

Price: £3.99

Word SLapPs is an app that helps teach autistic children receptive vocabulary specific to the child’s world with images you can choose and upload yourself. Questions can be recorded alongside the images in your own voice, which can then be used in a ‘touch target’ feature, encouraging children to identify the correct image together with the correct sound. Parents or educators can choose ‘target words’ to help assist with personalised learning. There are six levels of play with two preloaded categories.

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