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Best Texting Apps for Kids

Best Texting Apps for Kids

Modern communication apps provide us with great ways to make our parenting consistent and full of family talk times. We wanted to find an app that provides simple, reliable and fun ways for communicating with our kids when we’re away, that doesn’t leave them exposed to the security or privacy risks inherent in so many video and messaging apps.

There are plenty of messaging apps out there to help keep children in touch with members of their family, no matter where they live. Most of these apps offer additional features such as free text messaging, voice to video calling, photo and file-sharing options, and support for GIFs and fun photo-editing features. Choosing a safe texting app together can help you to stay connected to what your child is doing on their phone whilst giving them a little independence.

Apps that facilitate and allow for easy-to-manage communication and family-planning, can only be a win-win for parents and of course kids. Here are our best texting apps for kids to help effectively communicate with your family and kids.

Cozi Family Organizer

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Cozi is an excellent family communication app with extensive and interesting features. In addition to shared calendar pages, it also offers free mobile options, shopping lists, meal planning, to-do lists, and more. Cozi synchronizes with phones of all family members to enable them to add, edit, and delete to-do lists and events.

Messenger Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Messenger Kids is a free messaging app designed to let kids to connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone. Kids can only connect with contacts that their parents have approved, providing for a controlled, safe environment. There are interactive masks, sound effects, and reactions to add a fun element to messaging sessions. With the all of the safety measures in place, parents can relax while kids laugh, explore, and have fun.

Google Meet

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Google Hangouts are a way for kids and families to communicate online for free. You can video chat, instant message, and share photos. Google Hangouts are simply that: hangouts that occur online -- through text or video -- with friends, family, teachers, or anyone else in your network. Use Google Hangouts to create a family reunion of sorts; see if you can gather up to 10 family members for a five or ten-minute video chat. If it works, make it a monthly or weekly event.  

JusTalk Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

JusTalk Kids is a SAFE messaging app designed for kids to connect with family and close friends from their tablets or smartphones. All personal information of both children and parents (including calling and messaging data) is end-to-end encrypted. JusTalk Kids is a good app, it has safe communication functions: live videos, voice calls, photos, messaging and entertainment like doodling and gaming during conversations. 


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

GeckoLife is a social network for families or small groups with privacy features designed with kids' safety in mind.Kids can learn how to use social media safely and wisely working alongside a parent. Though GeckoLife was not designed specifically with educational intent, parents can use it to model good social-networking manners and help kids develop smart social-networking skills in a safe environment. It'd be great to see a few videos or tutorials in the app to reinforce digital citizenship to kids. Overall, GeckoLife gives kids a safe platform to develop social media skills.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

You can only use WhatsApp on one mobile device at a time, but you can get it on the web, too. It's just about the most comprehensive messaging service available right now, with audio and video calls, photo and location sharing, and easy management of group chats.

WhatsApp includes a neat broadcast feature that lets you contact multiple people at once, and it offers better file sharing than most messaging apps. It also uses end-to-end encryption by default, but if you're avoiding Messenger because it's owned by Facebook, remember that WhatsApp is, too.

This little app fulfils a neat little function that most parents will feel the need to take advantage of from time to time - a countdown timer to help keep young children on task and give a visual cue as to the task at hand. Although a wide range of countdown timer exist within the App Store, it is unusual to find one specifically designed for young children, although there are obviously many situations where this could be of benefit.

The above family communication apps can be downloaded to help improve the quantity and quality of the communication between the members of your family. Messaging apps for kids are child-friendly apps that will protect your children from the dangers of online messaging.